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The ideal worktop

The ideal worktop

Tough, waterproof, convenient ..... what’s the right worktop for you?

Before choosing the ideal material for your worktop, you should think about the characteristics which will be most useful when you are cooking. So while the choice of worktop definitely depends on its appearance (it is an important part of the kitchen and must look good with the rest of the furnishings), the way you are intending to cook in the kitchen is fundamental.

Some guidelines on characteristics and care....


An elegant, modern material with considerable high-tech visual impact, which is also very strong and tough. However, in daily use the surface may scratch, so items should not be dragged across the worktop and metal scouring pads should not be used. To keep it in good condition over time, a neutral cleaner should be used, rubbing with a synthetic sponge with the grain of the satin finish and then drying with a soft cloth ... for the toughest stains, white wine vinegar or methylated spirits can be used, rinsing with plenty of water. Take care not to leave iron or steel items standing on the worktop for too long, as they may cause oxidation or rust stains!

Granite and Marble

Stone worktops have a unique beauty and shine. To keep them looking good over time: avoid knocks from heavy objects which could chip the surface and edges; do not leave cleaning products, liquid food and drink spills and above all products containing citric acid on the surface - remove while the spill is fresh; remove excess water and look out for seepage; renew the water-repellent treatment regularly; use neutral or specific cleaners.


A gleaming, durable material that can maintain all its beauty intact over the years.

Its main advantages? Glass worktops are more heat-resistant than other materials (with the correct precautions) and are easy to clean and hygienic.

And its drawbacks? If it chips or breaks, sharp, jagged edges may be formed.


These materials look like natural stone and are tough, but very hot pans must not be placed straight on them. They are hygienic and easy to clean, but alcohol must not be used because it may smear; use specific products available from our dealers.


This is probably the most widely used, inexpensive worktop material. Tough and durable, it is available in a vast assortment of colours and finishes. Care has to be taken not to place hot objects on laminate worktops, and seepages of water through joints may be a problem. Laminate is easily cleaned with a soft cloth or brush.


So far we have provided a brief summary of the worktop materials available, but we advise you always to contact a dealer for more details of each material’s benefits and drawbacks.!

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The ideal worktop