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Bathroom cabinet opening systems

Bathroom cabinet opening systems

Handles, recessed grip profiles, an array of solutions for every taste and requirement

Handles or recessed grip profiles? Both these choices emphasise different tastes and styles, ready to be used in bathroom settings to create the perfect furnishings for you and your needs. Is the actual difference between the two that significant?
Handles are available in so many different versions, from linear, squared shapes to softer, more rounded ones, as well as knobs and unique, innovative designs. Recessed grip profiles are recommended for those who prefer stylistic minimalism. Let’s look at the various composition possibilities together. Follow us!

Hurray for Pop up

In a hyper-technological bathroom, colour helps liven up the furniture, creating the right blend between functionality and styling. The Dandy Plus bathroom is supplemented by the exclusive design of the handles, which feature a bubble-like texture that disappears progressively towards the edging: a detail that generates enjoyable tactile sensations.
The possibility of choosing between different textures allows the utmost customisation of the room, with combinations of colours and pairings which can clad handles, open-fronted elements, controls and mixer levers. What about the green touch? Not the colour green, but green as in sustainable: the handles are made of recycled plastic and then painted in plenty of beautiful hues.

It is minimal and it shows

Two opening systems oozing charm. The handle grip of the Tratto bathroom is eye-catching yet discrete, which is just what prestigious details are designed to be. The stylish 40° slanting conveys comfort and sophistication; the palette of finishes and colours, which includes prized hues such as Brass and Bronze, generates unique effects. Ranging from a uniform effect, when the handle is ordered the same colour as the door, to distinctive effects, when combinations of the utmost elegance are achieved with taps, shelves and towel rails.

The handle can also become the leitmotiv which compliments the style of the interiors. Especially if it is original, such as the J shape that distinguishes the Juno bathroom. Vanity unit doors with a built-in type of opening made in a large number of possible finishes (glossy or matt lacquered, and decorative melamine), guarantee an ergonomic design, easy use and extremely sleek results.
Which is your favourite?

We like them curvy

Whether modern or more classic in style, bathroom cabinets provide the wow factor thanks to show-stopping elements. Rounded shapes are usually associated with knobs, which blend in perfectly with country chic or charming retro settings. Minimal, yet capable of donning golden decorations and Swarovski crystals that embellish the interiors. (photo of Baltimora)

“Curves” also belong to solutions with an exclusive personality, with an eye trained on contemporary appeal. A perfect example of this can be found in the handles which design two perfect chrome-finish circumferences in space. Details of the utmost sophistication, which enhance the geometrical diamond-shaped decoration on the door.

Last but not least, a bathroom solution with minimal and contemporary silhouettes, where the shapes are plied to accommodate the space, creating an unprecedented curved wall-mounted washbasin vanity unit, fitted with generous and practical handles which run along the opening of the pull-out basket. Packed with personality and extremely functional to boot.


Browse the many solutions with various opening possibilities, to furnish the bathroom of your dreams!

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Bathroom cabinet opening systems