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Contemporary kitchens

Contemporary kitchens

5 contemporary kitchen must haves

Do you dream of a welcoming space where the whole family can get together and enjoy some quality time? Do you enjoy cooking, but think it would be even more fun if you had some practical accessories to help? The solution is to plan a contemporary kitchen: we love them too, didn’t you know? In this article, we will suggest the 5 modern kitchen must haves!

1. Kitchens with an island or peninsula

If you enjoy your kitchen to the full, an island or peninsula is the ideal solution to have an extra worktop, separating the cooking area from the living room, so you can entertain guests while you’re busy at the hob and enjoy a quick lunch. Many island models also feature drawers and/or additional open-fronted compartments, providing more space to store your utensils or cookbooks, to refer to quickly when you’re in need of some inspiration. What’s more, have you decided which stools to combine with your peninsula for even cooler look?

2. Open space kitchens

Open spaces are on the rise, quickly becoming one of the biggest interior design trends, especially in homes with limited square footage. In fact, this solution is not only attractive and contemporary, but it also allows you to optimise space, by bringing together the kitchen with the sitting room, and benefiting from more light. Just make sure the style of the kitchen matches the rest of the open space!

3. Appliances

Induction hob, food warming lamps, latest-generation wall-mounted hoods, wine cellars: open the doors of your home to novelty, fitting your kitchen with uber-modern appliances and accessories. These prove excellent cooking aids and, thanks to the high efficiency class, they also help save on your energy consumption.

4. Colours and materials

Contemporary kitchens demand a minimal design, simple colours and easy-to-clean materials: so make room for combinations of black, white and grey, and combinations of glass, steel and marble, for a sophisticated look that is always on-trend. So feel free to customise your surroundings, but beware with the balance of colours, making sure you create an overall harmonious look.

5. Modern details

Furnishing a contemporary kitchen also implies choosing the right details: among the most glamorous, we suggest gold and silver details to embellish compositions that tend to be linear. What about handles or taps in this colour?

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Contemporary kitchens