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Corner kitchen

Corner kitchen

Tips on designing a corner kitchen, the perfect space-saving solution

In modern homes, the concept of “space-saving” has become an interior design mantra, which is fully embraced in corner kitchens. By making the most of the full length of two adjacent walls, a corner kitchen is in fact ideal to exploit every nook and cranny in small apartments and/or offices, achieving the most functional results. Do you think a corner kitchen would be the right fit? Let’s look at how to achieve savings (in every respect) with a corner kitchen!

Customisable solutions

One of the many advantages of a corner kitchen is that since it is structured in multiple modular modules, it can be customised to suit individual needs, for instance by choosing to arrange the hob and sink on two sides or dividing the workspace from the larder. It all depends on your habits and/or, if you are refurbishing your home, on where the plumbing and wiring are. If you have enough available space, then take into consideration completing your kitchen design with a peninsula, for a quick snack or drinks with friends.

Functionality in the corner

So what is corner kitchen furniture specifically? To avoid ending up with portions of space that are difficult to use, it is essential not only to plan the layout of your wall units, tall units, appliances and inner accessories, but also to find creative solutions to furnish the corner. Need some ideas?


If you are tempted by the allure of the past, then let corner cabinets charm you: cupboards, iron structures, display cabinets blend in seamlessly with any interior style, for use as practical larder units to arrange your groceries or your grandmother’s plate set.

Are you more of a fan of the contemporary? In this case we suggest you focus on the inner elements of the composition, for instance including pull-out revolving baskets hidden behind doors, which can accommodate everything you need. 

Do you have trouble coping with all these doors and drawers to open? Then plan a larger hob, organising it with all your favourite kitchen utensils, pasta jars and your cooking tools. Concerned about the chaos? If you have a small kitchen, then make the most of the height, hanging shelves or full-height wall units.

Do you want more details on how to design your corner kitchen together? Our dealers are ready and waiting!

Corner kitchen