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Modern bathroom lighting: tips and tricks

Modern bathroom lighting: tips and tricks

Inspirations for furnishing the well-being room with light

When we think of the bathroom, we are quite likely to picture a bright, airy room, ready to welcome us in a warm and delightful embrace. However, we aren’t all lucky enough to have huge windows that can flood the room with soft, natural light during the day. And when evening comes, or in compact bathrooms with very little light, what can you do? Here are some ideas to light up your creativity!

Diffused lighting and ambient lights

Light in the bathroom is essential; we really can’t do without it. Whether this is diffused light or lighting all around the mirror area, cast by classic lamps or extremely modern designer alternatives: there is a rich and varied range of opportunities to choose from.
Let’s begin with general lighting for our relaxation location. There are various ceiling light solutions: minimal lamps, such as ceiling lamps, are ideal when the ceiling isn’t too high, whereas more impressive, high-impact chandeliers are useful items of interior décor that emphasise the importance of the bathroom, on a par with the other rooms in your home. Another idea to create special ambient light is to insert neon lights and recessed LED lights in a false ceiling: the effect will be mesmerising. Also, if you want to emphasise a specific corner, such as the shower or bathtub, LED spotlights are extremely effective.

Light sources around the mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which is the fairest light of all? That’s a good question for our "magical friend” in the bathroom, which accompanies us throughout our everyday cleansing and beauty routine. To succeed in having optimal light, so as not to have any shadows when we see ourselves reflected in the mirror, we recommend classic wall lamps on either side. They will provide uniform, well-distributed lighting, especially if the lamps are fitted at the right height with respect to the mirror. To light a modern bathroom, other solutions also include a single wall lamp fitted above the mirror or an adjustable spotlight depending on individual circumstances: they’re minimal but just as radiant!

Minimal mood

If an essential look is what you’re looking for, there are other possibilities to convert minimalism into a source of light. If we continue to focus on the washbasin area, the mirror with built-in lighting, situated on either side or along the perimeter, offers the added bonus of diffusing a pale, uniform light across the entire face.
One variant is LED backlighting, which is ideal for creating a beam of white, direct light, that can be applied to mirrors of all sizes: it always affords outstanding performance levels for our daily pamper routine, whatever the circumstances.
Should we stop here? No, because backlighting joined with the presence of lamps applied directly to the mirror, or suspended, is extremely appealing and functional too. Ultimate splendour!

Small bathrooms

For bathrooms distinguished by small square footage, our general advice is to create several light points. So give free reign to using a ceiling light combined with wall lamps too (around the mirror or the shower area). Instead, avoid direct lights such as spotlights, and focus your efforts on diffused lighting. This is valid advice especially in the case of low ceilings and long, narrow bathrooms.


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Modern bathroom lighting: tips and tricks