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Small walk-in wardrobe

Small walk-in wardrobe

A small wardrobe for a big fashionista: tips on how to create a walk-in wardrobe in confined spaces

Being swamped by piles of clothing is a concrete risk for any fashion addict, especially in a home with limited storage space. We’ve got some great news: with a little imagination, and above all the right project, even a small broom cupboard can be turned into an attractive and accommodating walk-in wardrobe. In this article, we’ll show you how to make the most of Scavolini’s BoxLife multi-functional systems to put together a small, yet well-organised walk-in wardrobe

Custom-sized wardrobe

A custom-sized wardrobe is undoubtedly one of the smartest ways to take advantage of every inch of space and create enough storage space for your clothes and accessories. These wardrobes in fact adapt to the dimensions of the room and can be customised to your specific needs, so you can use the wardrobe from top to bottom, arranging both shelving for your folded garments as well as rails to hang your cocktail dresses.


Just like clothing fits like a glove, cabinets can also best accommodate the available shapes: do you need to furnish a long and narrow bedroom or one with a square floor plan? In the former case, you could opt for a wardrobe with sliding doors, to achieve practicality while curbing dimensions, whereas in the latter, try a corner walk-in wardrobe, designed to give a new lease of life to the corners of your home and make changing your outfit an effortless affair.

Concealed walk-in wardrobe

So where should the walk-in wardrobe be fitted if there isn’t even enough room for a bed? When you need to plan a walk-in wardrobe for a small bedroom, or even a studio apartment which also houses a cooking area, it is essential that you pick modern and dynamic furniture, capable of adapting to changing circumstances, of converting for other uses and hiding away when necessary. When this is the case, the BoxLife collection offers some captivating solutions for the living area and bedroom, as it comprises visible wardrobes or with retractable doors (single and double) which can contain a double bed or even bunk beds, a desk and a washing machine too.

Mention must be made of the lighting system inside the cabinets, which is functional and capable of creating alluring aesthetics, as well as the series of wardrobe accessories (bars with hangers, trouser racks, shoe racks, drawers with aluminium frame, eco-leather storage accessories, etc.) which make the organisation of space and choosing your look for the day simpler, to satisfy any fashion victim.


In addition to offering ultimate levels of convenience, these compositions also come in a variety of different materials and finishes, which can match the remainder of the furniture: how about going for a wall-mounted wardrobe, thereby focusing on minimalist style while saving even more space?

As you can see, creating a small walk-in wardrobe requires creativity and planning, but it is possible: contact a Scavolini dealer to start planning yours.
Small walk-in wardrobe