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Bathroom storage units

Bathroom storage units

An impressive bathroom storage system

Storage units play a crucial role in bathroom design as they are strategic for keeping everything neat and tidy and completing the look of the room. If you already have the style in mind for your bathroom, but you are uncertain about what units to choose, now is the time to think about which colours, materials and sizes are most suitable: let’s have a look at a few solutions!

Everything within easy reach

When you think of bathroom units, one of the first things that springs to mind is a washbasin unit, i.e. unit with built-in washbasin, available with drawers of different lengths, useful for storing clean linen or beauty products.


There are so many models today that are designed to fulfil the most diverse tastes: which ones are yours? If you love the authentic classic style, for example, you can rely on the Baltimora bathroom, which offers a base unit with curved ends and Santa Cecilia granite top, the showpiece of a romantic and truly outstanding unit.


If, on the other hand, you dream of a modern bathroom, the Misfit CART and Misfit CHEST monoblocs from the Diesel Misfits Bathroom collection may be just the thing for you, conveying al the practicality typical of kitchen trolleys and cupboards into the bathroom.

Storage is the key word

Why not install a wall-mounted frame to neatly display personal items such as perfumes? Depending on the size of the room, we can offer you the Rust Status Wall System towel rail and storage accessory from the Formalia line or the Stock Ruck Wall System from the Diesel Open Workshop bathroom, illustrated with aluminium frame shelves and horizontally or vertically configurable.


If we talk about the storage function, we have to also mention bathroom cabinets and glass-fronted units, the quintessential bathroom storage units which, thanks to the compartments hidden behind doors, can neatly contain towels and guest towels, shower gel or other supplies.


Is your space limited? Then either opt for a small wall cabinet with open-fronted elements or for shelves.

Complete organisation

If your cosmetics or creams no longer fit in the small cabinets or on the shelves, you can always put everything inside a storage mirror, just like this one from the Juno model, embellished with the chrome-finish Racer LED lamp, an excellent resource in storing products.

Do you want to see these solutions up close? Let our dealers guide you!
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Bathroom storage units