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Living room with wall panelling

Living room with wall panelling

Wall panelling: an original and useful idea for your living room

Wall panelling, boiserie in French from the term bois meaning wood, is a type of wall covering with a long history behind it, which continues to prove popular to this day owing to its functionality and allure. In the world of interior design, wall panelling is without a doubt a valid choice to enhance the value (and more) of the interiors of your home, especially the lounge: let’s focus on the aesthetic and practical advantages of having a living room with wall panelling.

What is wall panelling?

Wall panelling has a  scenic presence which immediately transforms an ordinary living room into a sophisticated space. The decoration is based on panels that cover the walls, often accompanied by decorative details such as cuts or shelves, which add depth and movement to the living room composition.

Wall panelling is available in various styles, from classic to contemporary, in order to adapt to various design concepts and embellish any type of living room.

Why pick wall panelling?

As well as for aesthetic reasons, why is adorning your lounge with wall panelling a good idea? From a functional perspective, wall panelling offers multiple advantages. First of all it works like natural acoustic insulation, reducing the amount of noise from outside and improving the interior acoustics of the room: this is especially important in a room such as the living room, where you often spend time with company, relaxing or entertaining.


And there’s more: the panels can also offer thermal advantages, especially if you choose wood, a material that retains heat, helping to keep the temperature in the room more stable: this can prove extremely useful in winter, when you need a warm and welcoming setting.


Last but by no means least, wall panelling helps conceal any flaws or damage to existing walls, providing an aesthetic and elegant solution to improve the overall appearance of the living room interiors.

How to customise your wall panelling

Wall panelling affords functional and refined customisation possibilities, perfectly adapting to your chosen style of interior décor for the living room and other rooms in your home. Don’t forget the possibility of fastening several modules, such as storage elements and shelves, which are essential for housing decorative plants, travel mementoes or other favourite collectibles.

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Living room with wall panelling