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Classic living room furniture

Classic living room furniture

3 classic living room furniture solutions

Do you love the elegance and mood of the past? Would you like a timeless style for your living room, but are unsure about your choice of furniture? Then you’re in the right place: we are recommending 3 dedicated classic pieces of living room furniture!

1 The cupboard

The undisputed queen of the classic living room is the cupboard, that offers plenty of space to keep your belongings tidy, easily accommodating your crockery and household linen. The appeal of old-world furniture is evident, interpreted by prized decorations and materials, in keeping with impeccable Italian craftsmanship.


So here is the Madeleine living room, configured in two Walnut cupboards with Calcutta laminate top, embellished with special decorations and in the Antique Finish Gold finish: do you find the soft geometric shapes striking? They are eye-catching in a classic setting.

2 The dresser

The cupboard’s younger sibling and another must-have in the classic living room is the dresser, a cabinet to store everything in and lend your interiors a romantic and relaxed atmosphere: simply choose it in the right finish!


The choice of colours and finishes in fact has a considerable effect on the look you want to give your living room: have you heard of the Baltimora project? The collection generally stands out for its sophisticated compositions, suggesting extremely refined colour combinations, capable of changing the look of your living room entirely. Have a look at this charming combination of Havana ash and Light Grey matt lacquered finish, also chosen for the dresser, topped by a magnificent Calacatta Oro porcelain stoneware top, for a traditionally-inspired cabinet revisited with a practical modern twist.

3 The display cabinet

In a classic living room, a display cabinet is also quite welcome, as there is nothing more graceful to arrange glassware, books and ornaments in. If you like super-sophisticated surroundings, then your sitting room furniture just can’t be complete without the display cabinet from the Exclusiva kitchen, whose precious materials are its strong point: don’t you just love it? The combination of the Mink glossy lacquered finish with the Ebony coloured leather won’t go unnoticed, completing the look of a prized and impressive classic living room.

Classic living room furniture