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Coffee tables

Coffee tables

Coffee tables are furnishing elements essential for relaxing, working or chatting with family and friends

A practical place to put your computer or lay out appetizer snacks, coffee tables are a must-have in any home. In addition to being functional, coffee tables also complete the ambience, perfectly interpreting the style chosen for the room. Here are a few ideas to inspire you!

Round, square or rectangular coffee tables

When you think of living room accessories, how do you imagine them? Coffee tables today come in many different shapes and sizes, “fitting in” perfectly with sofas, armchairs and furniture.


If you have embraced the Scandinavian philosophy of simplicity, order and balance, recreate the typical Nordic style with a round or oval coffee table, placing it in the middle of the room or near the window to create a unique tea break corner.


Are you leaning towards bolder silhouettes? A square or rectangular coffee table combines simplicity and fashion, while also providing more surface area on which to place documents for the newly-closed contract or the mise en place for brunch with friends.

Coffee tables with wooden, steel, metal or glass structure

Can one talk about designer coffee tables without beautiful, solid legs to support the top? Scavolini coffee tables have a metal, steel or painted wood structure and often have criss-crossed legs: a real must-have for a modern, elegant living room.


And if we’re talking about elegance, we also have to mention tables with glass frames, like Levity, which can have its legs assembled either externally or internally to make room at the heads of the table.

Coffee tables with veneered, glass, laminate or marble top

Transparent, smooth or textured top? The top adds the finishing touch to the coffee table, thereby enhancing the entire living room. Needless to say, the choice of material also reflects the amount of care required to keep it clean and well-maintained, which is essential to preserve the coffee table’s appeal over time.

So which is your ideal coffee table? It’s all about finding the right compromise between aesthetics and functionality!
Coffee tables