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Island kitchens with a hob

Island kitchens with a hob

The benefits of designing a cooking area on the island, equipping it with efficient hobs and high technology, designer hoods.

The kitchen with an island equipped with a hob reflects the dream of being able to cook with the utmost freedom, with that mixture of skill and motion that is appreciated above all by those who love to cook and have the right margin of action to invent new dishes, just like a true chef!


The kitchen with a super professional island

Talking of chefs, the MIA by Carlo Cracco kitchen is designed specifically to offer all the advantages of a super functional environment, starting with the equipped island with the stainless steel worktop which slides over the cooking and washing area. A professional accessory, which is however extremely useful at home because it makes it possible to use the same space for several tasks. Indispensable like the innovative free-standing hood fitted above the hob, which extracts the smoke and cooking fumes directly as they are produced, having both a functional and a starring role in the kitchen environment.  

Vintage and innovation

A modern workshop with a spotlight on sociability. This Diesel Social Kitchen offering creates the perfect place to express and share your style, with an industrial twist. The setting is distinguished by the central bench in Oak, the genuine hub of sociability in the kitchen, with Sahara Gris Okite top and hob. The steel hood equipped with visible hanging elements is an additional place to store plates and objects that are useful for everyday culinary activities.

A welcoming, contemporary ambiance

A large island in the middle for all the functions to prepare food and an extra-thick snack top to gather round and eat, read, or study. This composition of the Mood kitchen, distinguished by a top and base units in Grey Stone laminate, is part of a large space, where the family can enjoy its own domestic dimension consistently with the contemporary way of life.  

Do you fancy the idea of an island where cooking immediately becomes a passion, an activity marked by functionality and beauty? You too can find the most suitable solution to create the kitchen of your dreams!


Island kitchens with a hob