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Kitchen cabinet: how to furnish with style and neatness

Kitchen cabinet: how to furnish with style and neatness

A variety of highly efficient solutions to rationalise spaces in settings of any size.

With the kitchen cabinet you can furnish any type of setting in a neat and functional manner. Whether you like a minimalist design or a more traditional style, you can customise your kitchen with free standing or built-in elements to fully satisfy your needs.

Store with elegance in the surroundings visible to the living room

The kitchen cabinet can occupy an entire wall and can be combined with living room elements to merge the two kitchen and living room areas. If you need to furnish a contemporary open space and you want to keep everything neat and tidy, then take some inspiration from a composition created with the Prestige White polished glass cabinet, fitted with oven and doors of different sizes and combined with the “Fluida” Wall System in Pure White Decorative Melamine that divides the two settings just a little. 

Another type of combination can be found in the DeLinea kitchen with its elegant and contemporary style. The impressive cabinets in Lime Oleomalta cover an entire wall both vertically and horizontally, flanked by shelves with Dune Oak veneered back panel, like the doors of the kitchen units, and furnish while adding a strong scenic effect.

Also in this DeLinea composition the cabinet is the third element that completes the room together with the central island fitted with hob and the washing and preparation areas. The convenient open-fronted end cabinet units are fitted with practical shelves and help to make the kitchen design more attractive.

Conceal to keep things neat and tidy

The cabinets are one of the essential features of the Box Life project. 

The basic idea of Box Life is to conceal all of the kitchen equipment, like the oven, fridge, cooking and washing items, but also the laundry and storage elements, behind panels and inside cabinet structures in order to keep things neat and tidy. This way, almost all of the functional equipment that can be used in a domestic space appears and disappears.
With a painstaking care for finishes and details, as in this configuration on a single wall of the Boxi kitchen with Bronze-finish handle profiles and plinths combined with Jaipur Red Fenix NTM® doors, worktops and back panels.

Make the most of every centimetre

The large Switch cupboard with handle grip recessed into the door and Iron Grey matt lacquered frame door complete the Carattere kitchen offering a perfect solution to make the most of the space available. Thanks to the practical tall unit top modules, you can cover the entire wall using every available centimetre.

Country style efficiency

In kitchens of old, the larder unit was essential for storing and preserving crockery, linen and home-made products. The current version with its traditional style rediscovers its essential features, adding built-in ovens and equipment that make it a super efficient piece of furniture, while simultaneously keeping the original multi-purpose footprint warm and welcoming.  Like in this country chic version of the Madeleine kitchen with frame doors, shown here in the Butter White Ash version. 

Kitchen cabinet: how to furnish with style and neatness