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Living rooms with a bookcase

Living rooms with a bookcase

Here’s how to decorate the living room with a bookcase

A living room with a bookcase is a timeless classic: whether you’re getting through one book a week or simply enjoy being surrounded by culture, you will agree that a bookcase makes any lounge cosier. So how many solutions are there to decorate your living room with a book full of walls and what are they? Let’s find out together what the main bookcase models are and how they interact with the rest of your living room furniture, creating special compositions!

Wall-mounted bookcase

How big is your book collection? The classic square cubby hole model, aka wall-mounted bookcase, is definitely the most commonly found type, designed to be secured to or propped up against the wall, with room for large volumes thanks to its numerous shelves. Did you know that a corner version as well as an overhead version also exist? The former is ideal to reach and furnish even the toughest spots of the living room, while the latter is perfect for framing a large TV screen, for instance.

Partition bookcase

On the one hand they play the traditional role of providing shelving, while on the other they act as a partition wall between two adjoining settings: introducing the double-sided bookcases. If you live in an open space, this model can prove to be the ideal solution to separate the living room from the kitchen, while at the same time achieving a matching look.

But there’s more: in addition to being a valid partition element, this bookcase also proves to be an excellent ally for hiding away toys, ornaments and other paperwork, offering you the chance to combine open horizontal/vertical elements with sections that are sealed with doors. The “Fluida” Wall System with load-bearing side panel from the Motus living room is a great example of this. 

Modular bookcase

Since it safeguards your favourite books and mementoes, a bookcase is a reflection of your soul, wouldn’t you agree? Have fun combining the modules of the living room, alternating base units and wall units, wall-mounted Wall System and open-fronted elements: the bookcase you end up with will be so special it can become the focus point of your interiors.

Let us reveal one last secret: for a truly original bookcase, then incorporate a cabinet into the sofa and spice up the look of your entire living room! 

Living rooms with a bookcase