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The total look adorns bathroom furnishings

The total look adorns bathroom furnishings

A bathroom needs beauty and practicality. This is why coordinated solutions are what we need to furnish the wellness area while considering the design and functionality.

Does your house have a modern, classic or industrial style? For any type of furniture you can choose bathroom cabinets and elements that can have the same mood as the other home settings. Thereby embellishing your house with a striking total look.

The bathroom is industrial

The industrial style is one of the most popular in recent years, for its ability to create an authentic and metropolitan atmosphere. The alternation of full and empty, the strength and coldness of metal combined with the heat of wood, the use of glass that lightens and gives depth to interiors are some of the features that define a bathroom with a retro charm. While the colours that cover the furnishings and accessories are basic and neutral, they range from white to black, to achieve copper and bronze metals, high intensity luminous finishes.

One of many examples? The Diesel Open Workshop project with industrial style proposals for kitchen, living room and bathroom furnishings.

Contemporary simplicity, harmony, warmth

Smooth doors, geometric silhouettes and purity of details paint a contemporary style with a few brush-strokes that gives this setting a minimalist, but still elegant and sophisticated influence. In the most intimate space of the house it is expressed through projects like Qi by Nendo whose proposals for cabinets, shelves and components identify bathroom furnishing, but also kitchen and living room furniture. A practical way of adorning the house with solutions that are already coordinated, for those who love to live in places where all of the elements communicate with each other. 

Refined processing, decorations and precious materials underline the sophistication of a style where classic and contemporary can blend. The result is a chic bathroom setting, where the elegance of the furniture and the innovative design distinguish Scavolini bathroom furnishings.


The total look adorns bathroom furnishings