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A garden in the kitchen

A garden in the kitchen

Tips and original ideas to create a small kitchen garden in the house

Herbs, spices and aromatic plants should never be missing from the kitchen. They give scent and flavour to every dish. And they can be a wonderful and natural décor idea. Let’s see how we can create an indoor garden and the advantages of always having an extremely fragrant home environment dotted with green!

Chef’s garden

The kitchen is obviously the perfect place to keep and grow plants. Chefs are well aware of this: having the ingredients at hand is essential for preparing every recipe, from the easiest to the most difficult. And in the Mia by Carlo Cracco kitchen, designed together with Carlo Cracco to offer comfort and practicality to those who spend a lot of time cooking, the idea of creating a vertical garden with all the wonderful aromatic herbs we know was an absolute must-have thanks to the Line System.

Small green oases

Back panels and equipped walls are a perfect solution for creating small green oases in modern kitchens with an industrial mood. Like Setup, practical tool for storing everything you need and always having it at hand, even in very spacious rooms that cross over into the living area. And the “Metro” wall system that offers an extra support in smaller kitchens.

Nature becomes “contemporary”

Looking after plants, besides being a valuable aid in the kitchen, is also a great way to relax. A simple pastime that gives the satisfaction of bringing what we have grown to the table. We choose the aromatic herbs that we like the most and find the right place to keep them.
Shelves exposed to a light source are without a doubt an ideal place for them to grow strong, healthy and lush. Even the room with the most contemporary and minimal mood will be overcome by the pleasant warmth – and colour – that nature has given to us!

Prêt-à-porter garden

If you are thinking of growing aromatic plants at home, it doesn’t matter what the season is, because the indoor climate is pretty much constant. In this case, any time is the right time to grow them. Even now! Furthermore, creating a prêt-à-porter garden does not take up too much space: simply put some jars, or recycled containers such as a wooden box or unused bowls, on a shelf near a window. The decorative effect will be ensured!

Are you ready to make a kitchen garden yourself? Your children can also help you to find your favourite aromatic herbs.

Have fun finding the right solution and then off you go to prepare lots of tasty and fragrant dishes!

A garden in the kitchen