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Kitchen appliances: tips for the holiday season

Kitchen appliances: tips for the holiday season

Kitchen appliances and accessories you’d never thought of for your Christmas menu

The holiday season is synonymous with big family lunches and dinners. Have you already planned your Christmas menu? If it’s your turn to cook for everyone this year, our article will come in handy: here are the essential kitchen accessories and appliances you’ll need to enjoy your meal preparation!

Basic appliances

A gas (or induction) hob, an oven and a refrigerator are must-have kitchen appliances, right? To make life easier while cooking, frying and storing food, in addition to choosing the most high-tech models, which offer you a user-friendly and functional interface, we recommend you pay particular attention to their positioning too. For instance, don’t you find a high oven much more practical for your Christmas baking, from mince pies to your Christmas cake and Yule log?

Utensil holder kitchen dresser

Whether you’re following traditional recipes or you’ve decided to experiment with new ones, when you’re cooking, having all your utensils within easy reach is essential, as you’ll avoid rummaging around in every drawer looking for the right one. What if we told you the dresser could become your new ally in the kitchen? Made of beech, it comes with a rolling pin, three kitchen roll holders, a magnetic knife rack and a chopping board to use as you please.

Outdoor kitchen

Have you planned a barbecue on the big day? We hope the weather will be on your side, but another essential factor for your success will be to have an outdoor barbecue area, designed with specific materials for outdoor use, where you can grill your meat, fish and vegetables in peace.

Food warmer lamp

It is a well-known fact that, what with listening to an older relative’s stories and running around after the children, there is a serious risk of your dishes getting cold: you can avert this by using the food warmer lamp, which keeps all your dishes warm.

Ducted kitchen hood

We’re certain your guests will appreciate everything you’ve prepared for them, holding these moments spent together in their hearts. If you also want only a memory to remain, you’ll need to be able to rely on a top performing extraction hood, which will make all cooking smells disappear!

Kitchen appliances: tips for the holiday season