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New Miko bathroom model

New Miko bathroom model

Introducing our new bathroom collection: Miko

Welcome to the fantastic world of the modern, minimalist bathroom: introducing the new Miko bathroom model, design by Vuesse, the perfect compromise of contemporary design, sophisticated materials and maximum functionality. If you’re a fan of modern style, then the Miko bathroom will win you over!

Elegance catering to your well-being

Is the bathroom your favourite place to wind down and enjoy some precious pamper time? The new Miko collection welcomes you like a warm embrace, creating the perfect atmosphere to relax both body and mind. It is no coincidence that its distinguishing features include the L-shaped processing of the door: this aesthetic detail, which can be combined with the two types of recessed grip profile, Flat or Round, lends its surroundings a light-weight and clean-cut appearance, while at the same time guaranteeing day-to-day practicality.

Mesmerising materials

The choice of material has a significant impact on the appearance of the composition: if your dream bathroom is a classy one, then the various aesthetic combinations and choices of textures provided by Miko are the perfect fit, as they emphasise the appeal of the setting while boosting that unmistakable Italian taste appreciated across the globe. What do you make of the elegant slat door or the exclusive Strips laminate?

Well-deserved accessories

The ideal bathroom is fitted with furniture and accessories which not only have an aesthetic value, but are practical as well: from the Line System to the bathroom cabinet with a glass door, the large mirror and the pull-out tray, every element of this new bathroom model has been designed to accommodate your self-care routine, providing plenty of space to keep everything neat and tidy and to keep your favourite pamper products at hand.

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New Miko bathroom model