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One kitchen, many kitchens

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Models capable of catering to various tastes

There are some kitchen models which, while retaining the characteristics of maximum modularity and multi-functionality, are designed with specific, well-defined features, accommodating stylistic requirements which include a range of possibilities spanning both classic and modern styles. And then there are more eclectic and acrobatic kitchens, which lend themselves to phenomenal changes of “costume” and fascinating conjuring tricks.

Favilla by Scavolini
Designs which emphasise, once again, that the kitchen is not a monolithic entity, but it can don various colours, finishes, materials and configurations. A little like an experimentation lab, where a variety of solutions and bespoke possibilities can be staged to suit each setting.
Are you ready? The magic show is about to begin!

Great kitchens come from a Favilla

The name of this project - the Italian term favilla means spark - is truly spot-on, as it truly glimmers!
Favilla, like the other models we’ll see, reflects a strong and specific contemporary need: to customise the kitchen down to the smallest detail.
It is a clear example of how a model can begin with a bright shabby chic soul, and go on to release interpretative sparks focusing on a simple yet striking and linear modernity.

With natural elegance and elemental appeal, Favilla is the perfect fit for country homes, or metropolitan lofts or even uber-trendy settings with clean-cut shapes.

Favilla by Scavolini

The elements which highlight its different personalities have been devised for every situation and they display the tailor-made care with which they are made and offered.

The wooden dresser and the cupboard with rounded wall units are skilfully proposed to bring to mind the warmth of tradition; the aged, satin finish or cup handles, and the knobs which are also available in several variants contribute, depending on the context, to lend their specific decorative touch; the washing and cooking blocks stand out to give off a country look or an industrial feel instead.

Favilla by Scavolini

The kitchen with character

Perfect for customers who prefer linear, clean-cut geometric shapes, the Carattere kitchen comes to life thanks to the use of materials which are renewed in time and leave room for unprecedented solutions.

Its more contemporary soul is expressed through the range of matt and glossy lacquered colours, available in trendy hues which enhance its international appeal.

The veneered door, which is available in hues affording a considerable chromatic harmony, lends the model the sophisticated taste of a modern and chic country style, which is perfect for country homes as well as city abodes.

With the Carattere kitchen you can customise spaces, elements and finishes, to recreate the style that best represents you.

Carattere by Scavolini
Carattere by Scavolini

You can add unique functions, such as an equipped magnetic wall panel designed to host a collection of accessories designed to be attached in an original way.

You can accentuate its traditional side, by inserting a cornice above the wall units and the frame door with English-style leaded glass.

Or emphasise the contemporary allure, retaining the harsh, clean-cut shapes with the handle grip integrated into the frame door.

To each their own style, and their own Carattere!

Carattere by Scavolini

The rhythmic variations of Sax

One word, Sax, and the first thing that springs to mind is to “play” with the stylistic variants of this particular kitchen model!

Perfect in any setting wishing to appear warm and retro, the decorative melamine frame door with its exclusive design gives off visual and tactile sensations that suggest the idea of pure and simple comfort.

The feisty and functional open-fronted structure (“Metro” Wall System) constitutes an interesting alternative to traditional kitchen modularity. The metal structure brings to mind vintage, urban and industrial atmospheres.

The presence of open-fronted sheet metal wall units and of the plain door available in original textured finishes makes it possible to create mesmerising games of blocks and voids, sophisticated notes packed with modern punch.


Ladies and gentlemen, let the music, in the kitchen, begin!

Sax by Scavolini
Cucina Sax by Scavolini
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