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Formalia, the pure form of elegance

Formalia, the pure form of elegance

The elegance of settings furnished with Scavolini’s new kitchen and living room model. Streamlined silhouettes and versatile furniture that accommodate unprecedented colours.

You may have seen it on TV or on social media. We simply couldn’t wait any longer: here is the new Formalia model, with its simple yet striking shapes, shaped doors and fluid functions that reinvent domestic furniture! Resulting from the partnership with designer Vittore Niolu, the compositions allow the settings to “breathe”, to make them more functional and versatile. Let’s look at 3 Formalia compositions a little closer to find out more!

Sinuous shaping

With Formalia, the simplicity of shapes, the intensity of colours and the sensations conveyed by the new materials make the atmosphere light and airy. Indeed, extra light and airy! Thanks to the sinuous shaping of the wall unit and base unit doors and to two handle colours which emphasise its understated profile, every element is in harmony. In this solution for the living room, the Titanium coloured structure, the matt lacquered door and the handle in the same Titanium hue bring to mind a minimal and industrial style. The wall of tall units is finished with decorative melamine, while the worktop is in Pietra Piasentina Grigio Naturale Porcelain Stoneware.

In the living room, the Status Wall System refers to the kitchen elements. This modular system - available in Titanium, Black and Rust – can be used as a partition between two rooms or become the absolute focus point of the room. Like independent open-fronted elements, in a free-standing or wall-mounted bookcase. Otherwise, with bold accents that embellish the kitchen, lending it a rigorous solemnity.

Rusty attractions

The concrete charm of Formalia also applies to storage and open-fronted elements, in an increasingly versatile and multi-purpose home system. In the base units with matching feet, the knurled processing of the Status Wall System can also be found in the dressers, where clean-cut silhouettes and intriguing colours are in full view. The special appeal of the Rust colour which characterises the model injects a stylish and welcoming industrial mood into the home.

The dresser with Titanium handle profile accommodates open-fronted compartments and shared doors in keeping with the kitchen. The living room and kitchen functions become heterogeneous and welcome ad hoc solutions, such as an impeccably organised office area. For the kitchen, the Status Wall System, with its Rust colour, enhances and brightens up the furniture in shades of grey. The matt lacquered doors, the Titanium handle and the Ossido Nero Stoneware top create a solemn atmosphere in which to lose yourselves. The lightness of the open-fronted elements draws the attention towards the splashes of colour, artistic brush-strokes with an elemental shape.

Warm brightness

When the Formalia kitchen welcomes pale hues and combinations which emphasise the natural light, the furniture project becomes the expression of a new harmony, an arrangement of strong stylistic possibilities. The matt lacquered doors combined with an equally pale structure replenish the room with energy, emphasising the clean-cut silhouettes of the composition. Splashes of rust colour and the knurled feet of the Status Wall System also appear in the kitchen island, together with shaped doors with Titanium built-in handle.

Formalia living rooms allow you to make time for pure relaxation, in immersive worlds in which to abandon yourselves and make time for yourselves. In a game of symmetries and simple yet striking silhouettes, the black structure, the Teal Green lacquered base units and the skilfully positioned lights in this configuration complete the living room area. To listen to soothing tunes and admire enveloping hues, the right elements for a fully enjoyable harmony.

Have we managed to rouse your curiosity? You’ll find Formalia at authorised Scavolini dealers!

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Formalia, the pure form of elegance