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With wall-mounted cabinets, the living room gains motion and dynamism

People say that you can recognise a masterpiece by one of the great masters at first glance, from that special touch that makes the work unique and timeless. Living room furniture also embodies the personal essence of its occupants and plies the home to one’s image. With a wall-mounted living room cabinet, the lounge turns into the heart of your home, thanks to dynamic combinations to be put together as you please.

Here are a few show-stopping solutions!

Modern dynamism

An equipped wall may seem static and immobile, like a portrait that is frozen in time. And yet modern wall-mounted living room cabinets are much more than functional pieces of furniture; they are veritable tools to ply and bring to life, just like a work of art.
The TV and important objects become part of the furnishings and blend in with them, just like a sculpture which can be modelled to suit your individual tastes.


The furnished area features open-fronted compartments, extra deep drawers and shelves, training the eyes in various directions: horizontally, with a resting surface that exploits the full length of the wall, and vertically across bookcases and visible compartments. A modern living room with a wall-mounted cabinet not only offers a clean look: the floating cabinet allows you to clean the area underneath it fully, and keep the lounge perfectly neat and tidy.
Here is the LiberaMente living room with wall-mounted cabinet, an example of minimal elegance for an impeccable lounge, to be installed in the centre of the wall or wherever you see fit: let your creativity run amok!

Hanging in classic style

A clean, elegant look is a distinguishing feature of every item of furniture, not just in modern living rooms. Wall-mounted living room compositions are in keeping with classic-style Italian design, offering soft hues and materials featuring evergreen charm, such as wood and glass. Both wall units and base units used to compose a kitchen environment, as well as classic living room furniture can all be ordered with wall-mounted solutions to store our treasured belongings. Need an example for inspiration? The timeless solutions of the Madeleine Living room and the combination of traditional colours with more contemporary offerings, in a merger between indispensable practicality and the must-have warmth of a custom-sized setting.

In Mid-air

When choosing your living room cabinet, there are plenty of possibilities which offer both advantages and disadvantages that are sometimes difficult to balance. Indeed, while a wall-mounted living room imbues the room with elegance and order, it could however entail a sacrifice if it leaves electricity sockets, cables and wiring exposed. Moreover, it may require a robust, perfectly even wall to accommodate the wall-mounted cabinet. In such circumstances, a customised cabinet could be designed without foregoing successful aesthetics by combining intermediate solutions.

With the Motus Living room, large shelves which extend the view are placed beside geometric elements which develop upwards. All you need to do is experiment with the colours, alternate the materials and sensations and seek out attractive shapes which will make your living room the most admired work of art in your home!