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Kitchen wall cladding and backsplashes

Kitchen wall cladding and backsplashes

Kitchen backsplash panels: you really are spoiled for choice

Do you dream of a kitchen where you can try your hand at the hob, but splashing and staining the wall is your worst nightmare? You can let your imagination loose trouble-free: thanks to kitchen backsplash panels, not only are you protecting the cooking area, but you’re also adding a personal touch to the décor. Let our models inspire you!

Steel panel

As the name suggests, backsplashes are designed to provide a “shield” from splashes of water, sauce or other ingredients while you cook, while at the same time blending in with your chosen interior décor style.


If you nurture a passion for good food, it would not surprise us if you were to choose a professional kitchen such as Scavolini’s Mia by Carlo Cracco: steel has been used extensively in this kitchen, covering appliances, worktop, hood and even the rear wall behind the hob area.

How come star chefs are so into using steel? First of all, because it is a hygienically safe material, since it prevents the formation and subsequent proliferation of bacteria; secondly, because it is resistant to heat and humidity.

Laminate panel

Does your kitchen resemble a modern workshop where the modularity of the elements generates the perfect space dedicated to culinary and social experiments? In that case the kitchen wall cladding needs to be creativity-proof: the Diesel Social Kitchen model offers matching backsplashes and tops, in a textured laminate, which emphasises the “rough” essence of the entire composition.


Another highly versatile material which will allow you to create a modern and dynamic kitchen is Stoneware, distinguished by outstanding heat resistance. But there’s more: have you noticed the continuity with the wall that is created if you opt for large slabs? The joints have been minimised, as has the amount of dirt that can build up in the grouting.  


Does trying out new recipes all the time put you in a good mood? If you’re a fan of cooking then you need a tiled wall cladding: solid and easy to clean simply by wiping a cloth over them, tiles also mean you can decorate a decidedly original kitchen, using either plain coloured or patterned tiles. 

Equipped wall panels

When you’re cooking, do you like to have your ladles and spices within easy reach so you can perfect your recipe on the fly? We have the perfect kitchen backsplash for you: an equipped wall panel, which is also available in the magnetic version, from the Carattere model, helps you protect the walls while making your kitchen functional and accessorised.

Kitchen wall cladding and backsplashes