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Team shower or team tub?

Team shower or team tub?

Designer bathtubs and showers for your bathroom

If your bathroom is having a make-over, one of the questions uppermost in your mind will be: shower or bathtub? Read the article to find out which suits your designer bathroom the most!

The benefits of a shower

After a hard day’s work, is jumping in the shower and washing off all that stress you built over during the day all you can think of? A bathroom with a shower enclosure is a must-have for people with a hectic lifestyle, who only have enough time to freshen up with a quick shower between one busy commitment and the next, perhaps singing along to their favourite tunes thanks to Amazon Alexa.

Aside from comfort, a shower contributes to enhancing the value of a bathroom’s style: details such as hinged, folding, sliding or revolving doors become the “star feature” of the furniture, also satisfying a taste for excellent aesthetics.


Have you ever heard of walk-in showers? This is one of the latest trends in modern bathrooms, distinguished mainly by the absence of a shower tray and shower door, which makes for easy seamless access. As for the structure, another asset of a open-plan shower are the exclusive glass or stone walls which lend the whole wet room a sense of luxury, bringing to mind the furnishings typically found in spas.

Why the bathtub

The simplest way to turn your bathroom into your very own oasis of relaxation is to fit a free-standing bathtub with metal feet or gem taps in the middle of the room or near a window.

If you enjoy a long, hot soak, creating the right mood with a few scented candles for soft lighting, then take into consideration the built-in bathtub: this type of tub can be customised in terms of finishes and dimensions, allowing you to carve out a small niche to display your favourite creams and lotions so you feel just as if you were at the spa.

Some of the most popular bathtubs include models with a geometric shape, in particular oval or rectangular bathtubs, which are ideal for furnishing minimal and contemporary bathrooms.
Team shower or team tub?