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The bathtub: a timeless legend

The bathtub: a timeless legend

Old Style or featuring a contemporary design, the bathtub remains the principal element that best illustrates the importance of setting aside quality time to recuperate and relax.

The first ever bathtub dates back to the age of antiquity, and over the centuries it has changed shape, function and component materials. Films, writers and great photographers have also contributed to elevating it to a genuine fashion icon, dedicating special shots and memorable scenes to it. To date, it remains an irreplaceable item of interior décor, capable of conveying unique sensations and passions, last but not least those that focus on well-being. Let’s look at some compositions and models for various style types together.


The bathtub in the middle

An object to enjoy and show off, the bathtub plays the starring role in this setting. The Aura Mineralmarmo® free-standing model blends in seamlessly with the Qi bathroom furnishings by Nendo with pure and elemental silhouettes, to create a place for absolute well-being that is extremely comfortable and versatile.

Exclusive contemporary well-being

Another absolutely minimal solution, devised to separate the space for body care from that dedicated to relaxation and well-being. Here, the architecture creates the perfect zen atmosphere to pursue inner balance. This configuration combines the natural effect of Hono Elm Decorative Melamine used in the wall-mounted vanity unit with the stylish absolute white of the other elements. Beautiful materials, clean-cut details and contemporary design distinguish this alternative version of the Qi model.

Limitless pleasure

Rarefied and functional, this contemporary setting appears to have been designed around the very concept of relaxation. Aquo designs a perfect place to enjoy every day, dedicated to those who enjoy being pampered by the sinuous shapes of the large Kami bathtub in Matt White Solid, which is teamed with the elegant styling of the wall-mounted modules with pull-out baskets and open-fronted Mink matt lacquered compartments.

Designed for dreaming

The free-standing Dea bathtub is the perfect interpretation of Baroque design with a modern twist. The decorative style bathtub with raised rim, chrome-finish feet and floor-standing taps offers a charming retro look.

Available in several finishes and enamels, it is an icon that is capable of blending in seamlessly with classic and contemporary settings, imbuing them with plenty of personality.

The bathtub: a timeless legend