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Which modern kitchen chairs?

Which modern kitchen chairs?

3 key elements for choosing modern and functional kitchen chairs

Different shapes and colours, a single style: modern kitchen chairs that fit perfectly into today’s homes, representing the perfect furnishing element to combine practicality and design. Here you can check the news while waiting for the kettle to boil, teach your dog to fetch treats or read another page of your book while waiting for your tea to cool down: in short, kitchen chairs are one of the most popular places to sit in the home. If you haven’t found them yet, follow these 3 tips on how to choose the perfects ones for a modern style!

1. Evaluate the size and shape

Round, square or extensible table? Snack top or counter? Choosing modern chairs of the right size and/or height and combining them with the design of the table is crucial to delimiting spaces, moving freely and creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, worthy of a royal banquet.


If you usually eat alone or share meals with a few friends, you may also decide to add chairs, perhaps alternating different shapes, only when guests arrive: thanks to their silhouettes, which are simple but never understated, modern kitchen chairs can also be stacked. The tidiness will be appreciated!

2. Consider the upholstery

When it comes to the materials, different types of modern chairs are available to fit in perfectly with the kitchen furniture. In general, the rule is that the structure, seat and back must all have the same upholstery, thereby ensuring a minimal and contemporary style: should it be fabric or Plexiglas? In addition to your taste, the choice should also reflect how the chair will be used.


If, for example, you like to experiment at the hob and often bake, our advice is to choose a material that is hard-wearing and, above all, easy to clean. On the other hand, if your kitchen is always kept neat and tidy, you may like to opt for trendy, modern chairs in coloured velvet.

3. Choose the right colour

Before choosing your kitchen chairs, find a colour scheme: warm or cool colours? Plain or patterned? Selecting modern chairs in dark colours, such as grey or black, is a safe choice, but you can also be daring with brighter colours, such as turquoise, lilac or mustard.


Lastly, why not enhance the overall décor of the room with chair cushions? They will add a touch of colour and a centimetre to the kids!

Which modern kitchen chairs?