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Tall units in the kitchen: high or midi?

Tall units in the kitchen: high or midi?

Let’s discover the different types of kitchen tall units depending on the style of the kitchen and the requirements of its occupants.

A must-have in any kitchen, tall units can either be high or low, in variable shapes and sizes.
Their function?
Using the space where operational worktops are not required, to be used as a larder, a container for accessories, appliances or pull-out tops. And once the doors are shut, everything is neat and tidy, with an elegant and perfectly uniform style.

The advantages of midi tall units

Low kitchen tall units - an item of furniture that is a cross between a base unit and a cabinet - have the advantage of being able to be wall-mounted in any part of the kitchen where the centimetres available need to be best exploited.

They can be fitted under a window, to finish off a composition on the side or as tall units with built-in integrated appliances, offering the possibility of being managed with the utmost comfort and, at the same time, to create some extra work space.

The advantages of high tall units

High kitchen tall units make it possible to exploit all the available space height-wise, to keep everything neat and tidy, hidden away from view yet still fully accessible, without offering additional work space. They are vertical modules designed to complete linear configurations in which visible or concealed appliances can be fitted.

Equipped cabinets

High tall units can create more complex structures, equipped cabinets that complete the kitchen and supplement it with additional compartments, shelves and drawers. Larder units that develop both height-wise and width-wise can be arranged in the room with several composition variants: wall-mounted to complete a corner kitchen, as a connecting system between an island and a linear kitchen, or as an independent element. Plenty of versatility to enjoy a room to accommodate the needs of its everyday occupants!

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Tall units in the kitchen: high or midi?