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3 industrial kitchen models

3 industrial kitchen models

Focus on the Diesel Social Kitchen, Diesel Open Workshop and Diesel Get Together industrial kitchens

Have you decided to furnish your home with an industrial style? We have not one, but no less than 3 industrial kitchen models made just for you. Namely, Diesel Get Together, Diesel Open Workshop and Diesel Social Kitchen, collections born out of the collaboration between Scavolini and the Diesel Living brand and therefore embracing veritable excellence Made in Italy. But what differentiates one kitchen from another? Find out below!

Diesel Social Kitchen

How many times have you had to nip into the kitchen to keep an eye on dinner, missing the juicy gossip your guests are discussing? With Diesel Social Kitchen the kitchen becomes a room where the pleasure of cooking is naturally associated with the pleasure of socialising.


Everything revolves around the central bench, the veritable focus point of sociability, served by free-standing matching furniture, including storage units and trolleys, together with roomy open-fronted compartments and vintage glass fronted units: the epitome of metropolitan design. Indeed, the materials and finishes available express a strong penchant for vintage: aged steel, processed woods and glass with a chequered texture recreate a retro mood, complementing the perfect vintage industrial kitchen.        

Diesel Open Workshop

Do you appreciate classic lines, but prefer to opt for a more modern style? The Diesel Open Workshop model starts off with the iconic, innovative and dynamic elements of Diesel Social Kitchen but also introduces a host of new effects and hues into the range, to embrace the industrial world with a contemporary twist. But that’s not all.

Generally speaking, the kitchen stands out for its impeccable attention to detail, which can for instance be seen in the profiles of the handles incorporated into the door, in the feet and in the corner elements. What do you make of the tubular steel modular structures? In addition to enhancing the aesthetics of the composition, they can also be used as a cool towel rail.

Diesel Get Together

In addition to having a recognisable style, wouldn’t you like your kitchen to be colourful as well? The Diesel Get Together collection plays with blocks of colour and materials to furnish a welcoming living area, defined by sociability and domestic comfort. This kitchen essentially constitutes the stylistic evolution of the best-selling Diesel Social Kitchen, whose concept it inherits, developing it with a modern twist.


Together with unprecedented types of handles, recessed or bridge, the new features introduced by the model include the Chest, Bridge and Cart Misfits elements in painted metal (pictured), which are veritable icons of design.

What’s your favourite model? Let one of our dealers guide you in your choice!
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3 industrial kitchen models