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A home for two: tips to furnish it in pairs

A home for two: tips to furnish it in pairs

Shall we move in together? Small huge decisions to choose the furniture in your first home.

The decision to move in together can have various starting points and reasons. Whatever the situation is, here are some tips that will help you make the right choices when the time comes to furnish your first home to suit your individual requirements. Where to start? By reading this article!

If you don’t own your home

Sometimes a home isn’t forever: whether a friend or relative has given you a temporary place to stay, or if you are renting somewhere or are “just passing”. When your home is temporary and you need new furniture, your first thought may be: what should I buy while I wait to own my own home? It is a good idea to invest in versatile furniture that doesn’t take up too much room, which you will be able to adapt to your future forever home. A bed with a clean-cut silhouette, an extensible table, basic chairs or a designer dresser which can be placed in a variety of rooms. Any solution that can easily be re-used in your next home is a great choice!

However, if the entire home needs to be fully furnished, then that’s another matter. In this case, you need to choose which solutions to focus on and what items of furniture will be left behind when you move. For instance, a vanity unit for a sit-on washbasin, perhaps compact in size, rather than a huge wall-mounted cabinet with a double washbasin, will be much easier to reposition in your next bathroom. It will be the first piece in the puzzle of your love story!

Small home but big dreams

It’s like this for (almost) everyone: there’s plenty of excitement, but you need to take a reality check. If the space is limited, the feeling of not managing to fit it all in may seem insurmountable. And yet having small rooms or even one single space is not a problem at all, on the contrary it is a genuine opportunity to plan harmonious furniture designed with painstaking care for detail. After all, less is more!

Simply decide on the style together, as well as your must-haves, to plan a room where you can finally feel at home. The BoxLife modular model exploits multi-functional modules that fit right in with any furniture. From concealed beds to a foldaway kitchen, and a desk hidden away behind elegant cabinets and also pull-out tables: the customisations are even more satisfactory in miniature homes!

If the sleeping area needs to cohabit with the living area, one clever solution is to buy a foldaway bed, which you only open when night comes. A concealed table and multi-purpose chairs also allow you to feel at ease at any time of day. And if you need to find room to be alone, then set aside small corners for relaxation and meditation so you can each have some privacy!

Big ideas on a small budget

When you have your own home and it is big, it may feel tempting to do everything properly, and straight away. Before you even start to plan it, it is important that you talk about your priorities and tastes so that you can furnish your home together without sacrificing anyone’s dreams or regretting your decisions later. Is a walk-in wardrobe an essential dream for you both? You can focus your entire furniture design on this shared goal in order to accommodate all your clothing in the best possible way. With the Walk-in Wardrobe project, your dressing space will become the heart of your home!

What if your dream is of a professional kitchen, but your budget doesn’t actually line up with your dreams of becoming a chef? Scavolini’s solutions to make room for your culinary passion are endless, allowing you to customise your kitchen space to suit your own individual needs. You can even design your furniture on-line at cost-effective prices on Scavolini Shop!

Which solutions would you like in the first home of your dreams? Discover them all at our dealers!

A home for two: tips to furnish it in pairs