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A home gym: essential equipment

A home gym: essential equipment

How to set up a home gym with Gym Space

Is it pouring down with rain outside? Will you be late home from work? With the Gym Space collection by Scavolini, there’s no excuse not to go to the gym: it’s the gym that comes to you! Read on to find out what you need to set up a home gym and what essential equipment you’ll need to stay in shape!

The Gym Space furnishing range

“Gym Space is truly an innovative concept of wellness that accommodates contemporary domestic requirements, in keeping with the ongoing research that has always distinguished Scavolini”.


Which is the room for self-care par excellence? The correct answer is the bathroom. The Gym Space range, designed in partnership with Mattia Pareschi, incorporate the bathroom system with the gym system, combining the typical furniture found in a bathroom with fitness elements. So, in detail, what equipment is included in this range?

Gymnastics Wall Bars

If you’re looking for the most complete piece of gym equipment, then you need Gymnastics Wall Bars: restyled and available in two finishes, a more traditional pale wood one and a warmer, more welcoming dark wood version, this piece of gym equipment turns into a base onto which additional sports equipment can be attached for your home gym as well as bathroom furniture accessories. An example? There’s room for lights, hooks, shelves, storage elements and mirrors to organise your toiletries and monitor your progress.

Traction bar

Are you trying to build up muscle in your upper body? Bodybuilders rely greatly on a traction bar for best results, and Gym Space has just the thing for your fitness corner. In addition to ensuring a safe grip and proper support for your weight, the bar can also be used to attach other equipment, such as rings, TRX systems or a punching bag, which are great for training your biceps. 


What’s the best piece of equipment for abs? Ideal for core training as well as exercising your arms and shoulders using a set of dumbbells, the slanted bench is a must-have in your home gym. Attach it to your Gym Space structure, keep a bottle of water at hand and begin your home work-out!

A home gym: essential equipment