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A kitchen with a pull-out worktop

A kitchen with a pull-out worktop

Create extra workspace with a kitchen with a concealed pull-out top and table

Some people have hidden dreams, others hide away a worktop. A firm favourite in small homes, the kitchen with a pull-out top is an excellent space-saving solution even in more generously-sized apartments, providing an extra worktop when needed. Are you curious about our three types of concealed pull-out tops? Who knows which will prove more useful to optimise your kitchen space!

Pull-out breakfast bench

Who doesn’t appreciate the convenience of having a quick breakfast directly on the kitchen worktop? With a pull-out snack top, you can create a great corner to start the day off on the right foot. Simply slide or extend the breakfast bench, position a couple of stools underneath it and hey presto, you have your very own practical table/counter to sip your coffee or take a bite of your favourite croissant without having to lay the table.

Concealed chopping board

If you’re an aspiring chef, then you know how important it is to have enough space to experiment with your culinary creations. With the pull-out top from the Mia kitchen by Carlo Cracco, in partnership with Carlo Cracco, you can rely on additional space equipped with a hole for your food waste and a knife rack, designed to deliver convenient ingredient management. Ready to get cooking?

Kitchen with pull-out table

Have you got friends who like to invite themselves over, turning up at your door unexpectedly for a coffee or a quick bite to eat? No problem: having a concealed table will allow you to create an extra surface, to be used either to eat an informal meal or to lay out ready meals.

This solution is definitely strategic in small apartments too, where the interior design needs to be impeccably planned: envisaging a concealed table means you won’t have to rearrange your furniture or sacrifice on style in the kitchen.

A kitchen with a pull-out worktop