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A modern kitchen with natural colours

A modern kitchen with natural colours

For those who love a winter range of soft colours and to furnish the environment at the heart of the home with a simple design.

Winter creates simple and delicate hues, neutral colours from white to beige for a look that is natural and full of light. From fashion to furniture, the seasonal diktat is clear (in every sense) and offers all of its splendour in the monochrome version and in the colour combinations, for stunning variations in style. Let’s be inspired by modern kitchens “covered” with this season’s trendy shades.

Wood that clads balance

When it comes to natural hues, even the materials contribute to emphasising a warm, but also minimal and discreet beauty. The veneer in the unprecedented Cotton Ash finish elegantly clads the doors of the new Carattere kitchen base units and wall units. Whilst the storage cupboard in Flint Grey decorative melamine finish, available with different internal equipment and with shelves that can be placed where needed, facilitate many of our household chores.

Steel and wood, in both the kitchen and living room

Tempera Dove Grey lacquered Nodato Oak is instead proposed for the Diesel Social Kitchen corner composition fitted in a setting that borders between the kitchen and living room. The warm colours combine with the more polished and cooler notes of steel on the wall units, the shelves (Spotless Metal), the “flight case” bars and handles on the tall units and “bar” with drawers and pull-out baskets.  

The amazing colours of a modern kitchen

Clear geometric shapes, amazing materials and finishes. The colours proposed for the LiberaMente modern kitchen meet the criteria of beauty and functionality: the tall units - owing to their significant height - provide outstanding storage space, which is further boosted by the “Fluida” Wall System in Iron Grey decorative melamine. The linear area consists of base units and wall units in NTM® Ottawa Beaver Fenix finish, intense and extremely mesmerising.

The Oleomalta for your very own trendy kitchen

The pleasure of a material that is both resistant and trendy that offers the modern kitchen new tactile sensations. The Oleomalta Lima in the composition with Mood island clads slanted door base units and wall units. The sliding breakfast bench is in Nabuk Oak with a highly functional linear pull-out system, guaranteeing plenty of counter space: an attractive space-saving solution combined with the professional-style Drip Metal Steel worktop.

Will your winter colours also be warm and natural?
Discover our proposals of modern kitchens to find your favourite models and finishes!


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A modern kitchen with natural colours