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An empty wall in the kitchen

An empty wall in the kitchen

Open-plan kitchens: how to fill an empty wall

If your kitchen adjoins your living room, we can help you better organise your space, making the most of the open areas of your kitchen to fit cabinets. In fact, have you ever stared at that empty wall in your open-plan kitchen, wondering how you could decorate it? Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to give that neglected corner a new lease on life!

Kitchen furniture

If you have enough room, fitting a versatile cabinet could be a smart move: a cupboard, a large larder unit or a mobile trolley, for instance, not only provide additional space to store crockery or food, but they can also be used as an additional work surface when preparing meals or during parties with family and friends.


For the meticulous organisers who want everything within easy reach, having an extra wall-mounted cabinet can do miracles: many of the larder units in Scavolini kitchens, such as in the case of the Formalia model, are in fact fitted with internal equipment, ideal for arranging jars and pasta packets, to keep your kitchen looking tidy.

Shelves and other decorations

There is some room, but not enough to fit a cabinet? Another option to consider to fill an empty corner in the kitchen are shelves, which are perfect for combining aesthetics and practicality. You can choose from an extensive range of materials which accommodate the style of both the kitchen and living room: from wood for a warm and rustic atmosphere, to metal for a more modern and industrial touch, through to glass for a light and contemporary look.

But why stop at shelves? To decorate the empty wall, you could also consider hanging paintings or posters, which reflect your interests or culinary passions: this will add character and colour to the surroundings.

A green touch

Last but not least, do not underestimate the furnishing power of greenery: how about a lush pot plant to fill the empty wall in your kitchen? Alternatively, a small vertical garden should suffice, or a few aromatic plants to liven up your open space: a simple yet effective way to complete the furnishings of a beautiful open kitchen.

An empty wall in the kitchen