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Autumn: interior design ideas for a warm and welcoming home

Autumn: interior design ideas for a warm and welcoming home

Style tips and home décor hints to turn your domestic space into an alluring and relaxing place.

The art of colour

The exhibition entitled “Van Gogh. I colori della vita” (The Colours of life) was inaugurated just a few days ago in Padua. An artist who used his works to convey all the visual force and emotion suggested by colours, particularly yellow, a sort of pictorial signature which distinguishes his paintings.
It feels good to allow creative impulse to inspire and guide us; playing with the various shades afforded by autumn, mixing them together on fabricsrugs, curtains and decorative details, for intense and elegant results. 

Colour combinations are capable of changing the mood of a domestic space in an instant. Find out more by reading the article dedicated to autumn colours at home.

Shabby Chic Autumn

Design and home décor guide us in our choice of furnishings and design items to make our everyday setting a relaxing place, ready to face autumn. What if we focused on shabby chic home interiors this year? There are perfect, gentle hues and delicate materials, such as wood for the cabinets and floors, inspired by nature to generate a romantic and comfortable allure, and to remind us how good if feels to spend time together.

The DIY come-back

From now on, let’s rediscover how enjoyable it can be to gather around the kitchen, the household room which more than ever before is the veritable beating heart of the home. Here, we can spend our time preparing comfort food, meals, cakes and pastries with seasonal fruit and vegetables. And then move to the living room to snuggle up on the sofa under a soft and enveloping blanket, to watch a film or the family’s favourite TV programme.

We can embellish the domestic interiors with hand-made decorations, made using intertwining twigs, pine cones or small pumpkins arranged over shelves, work surfaces or the kitchen table, a must-have at Halloween. Finding the right idea for this year’s Advent calendar to put up in the kitchen, because if it’s autumn already, then Christmas is right around the corner!

The autumn/winter 2020 restyling of our home is a process that involves small details, colours, furnishings, and decorations which put nature as it changes centre stage, where we star in the changes that warm us and renew us every day.

Autumn: interior design ideas for a warm and welcoming home