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Bathroom collection restyling

Bathroom collection restyling

A fresh look for Scavolini’s bathroom collection: here are the models ready to impress you

Nowadays, the bathroom is not only the place dedicated to our personal hygiene, but a true oasis of relaxation, where we often find refuge from the daily grind. Whether you can relax by indulging in skin care or doing squats in front of the mirror, know that we have restyled some of our bathrooms so that they will appeal to you even more. Here is a sneak preview of the models!

Rivo bathroom

One of the “restyled” bathrooms is the Rivo model, which is designed to help you furnish spaces dedicated to well-being with creativity. One of the special features of this model are the wall-mounted modules which, when combined, allow you to create new and unique compositions that can be adapted to different floor plans.

Aquo bathroom

Have you heard of the Aquo bathroom? The main attractions of the collection are definitely the finishes, available for both cabinets and handles, with which you can decorate the bathroom furniture based on your own specific tastes and needs. All we can tell you is that we will be introducing new ones!

Idro and Lagu bathrooms

What do the Idro and Lagu bathrooms have in common? Both offer a sophisticated line of doors that makes no compromise on ergonomic design, thus making all your gestures easier: let’s just say that with its restyling, this feature is even more evident and noticeable.

Are you intrigued to see the bathrooms transformed? Keep a close eye on our website!
Bathroom collection restyling