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Bathroom organising mission

Bathroom organising mission

What is the secret to a perfectly organised bathroom? Let’s find out more about “smart” bathroom units, ideal for keeping everything neat and tidy!

Whether it is the main bathroom or the spare bathroom, its organisation is essential in order to achieve a soothing effect and conjure up the image of a luxurious spa. But how do you escape from that annoying feeling of units and walls crammed with objects? By choosing the right accessories: here are the must have bathroom units and accessories for keeping every item in place!

No to stress, yes to organizers

How much time have you wasted looking for that lipstick that “you put down there but has now disappeared”? We often find ourselves rummaging through drawers in search of lost items, swallowed up by the chaos therein. While a large and capacious unit is essential in the bathroom, equally important is the interior arrangement of objects, with careful attention to how the shelves are organised.

Our advice? Start by decluttering, getting rid of old cosmetics or testers collected over the years and making room for your daily skincare essentials.

Roll on with storage!

Particularly if you have a small floor plan, you can also use the height to organise your bathroom properly, with shelves for storing everyday objects and wall units/containers for keeping any spare items. With the Status Wall System of the Formalia model, your super tidy bathroom starts springing to life: did you know that countertop trays can be used separately as well? They will work perfectly as a base for clean wipes and products, but also as a decorative element.

Does the concept of having everything at hand, yet in order, appeal to you? Then we are sure you will love the Useful container with sliding tray too, which also belongs to the Formalia bathroom: it will be the perfect hiding place for razors and other personal hygiene items.

If you are looking for other useful tips on how to organise your bathroom in the best possible way, then please feel free to contact us!
Bathroom organising mission