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Cabinets and storage units for your bathroom

Cabinets and storage units for your bathroom

Do you prefer wall-mounted cabinets or floor-standing ones?

Have you run out of space to store clean towels and toiletries? When you furnish your bathroom, it is essential to plan for sufficient storage space: this is where bathroom cabinets come in handy. These organisers are often underestimated, but you can use them to store all your toiletries while at the same time furnish an empty wall or an unused corner. So let’s find out more about some of our bathroom cabinet and storage unit models!

Bathroom cabinets

Let’s immediately break the ice with a question: do you prefer wall-mounted cabinets or floor-standing ones? Generally speaking, bathroom cabinets are an extremely versatile space-saving solution suitable for bathrooms of any size: you’ll certainly find what you need among the cabinets, wall-mounted units and corner cabinets available, customising the finish too, from wood effect to lacquered finish, depending on the mood of the décor.

If you’re worried that style will be compromised to ensure functionality, don’t: bathroom cabinets conceal multiple internal compartments and shelves for you to organise your haircare products and make-up, detergents and bath and shower gels… in short, everything you need to keep within easy reach, but out of sight.

Tall bathroom units

To avoid taking up too much space on the floor, you could also decide to opt for a tall bathroom unit: a tall cabinet which makes best use of the full height of the bathroom wall, offering plenty of internal storage space to store your everyday essentials: even a washing machine and a drier!

These tall units, thanks to their simple yet eye-catching design, contribute to making the atmosphere in your bathroom even more welcoming, delightfully embellishing the composition of your beauty boudoir.

Browse our catalogues to pinpoint the bathroom cabinet you like the most or contact a Scavolini dealer for advice!

Cabinets and storage units for your bathroom