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Classic living rooms

Classic living rooms

Ideas for furnishing the living room in a classic style

If you are looking for living room units and would like something stylish and sophisticated, opting for a classic style is the right choice for furnishing an exclusive, chic yet welcoming living area, while avoiding standard and impersonal compositions. Let’s have a look at some solutions for an impeccable classic living room!

Quality materials

One of the key elements that sets a classic living room apart from a modern living room is the recurring use of high-end natural materials for the units, which are often embellished with decorations and inlays.

A model that perfectly reflects this mood is Madeleine, which offers a Kyoto Walnut structure, Chestnut doors with screen-printed glass and cup handles in Antique Gold finish: here is a living room from bygone times, with soft geometric shapes, which invites you to spend time alone or with your loved ones, lulled by the warmth of wood.


Other essential materials in a classic living room are marble and leather which, in the Exclusiva collection, respectively cover the living room wall panel, crossed by seven Mink matt lacquered shelves, and the Pearl Grey console doors, topped by the large White matt lacquered Luxury mirror with a back light.

Password: magnificence

In a classic living room, the details are an absolute must-have, stylishly designed to embellish the composition and becoming its focal point.


For those who love “showing off”, we propose this pair of Exclusiva living room units with Pearl Grey leather doors, Mink matt lacquered tops and side panels, available with chrome-finish handles with Swarowski® crystals and a large Stopsol mirror wall panel.

Another classic piece of furniture around which you can build the living room is the glass fronted unit, perfect for storing silverware and china.


An example? The two Carattere living room cupboards, with Anthracite fabric structure and Mink matt lacquered doors, feature a sleek silhouette that clearly embodies and combines the class of this style with the functionality required by the living area.

Ask your Scavolini dealer for more inspiration on classic living rooms!
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Classic living rooms