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Consoles for the lounge and living room

Consoles for the lounge and living room

The console plays the starring role indoors, completing the furniture in your lounge and living room

Indispensable in your entrance hall as a practical place to empty the contents of your pockets, the console is also a right fit for the lounge and living room as an additional piece of furniture. Indeed, a console table blends in seamlessly with any setting, available for multiple intended uses: have you already got some ideas? Choose the perfect console for your needs!

One of a kind

Frames, lamps, ornaments: consoles are perfect to display your favourite home décor accessories. However, should you prefer not to display some of them, keep in mind that some of these items of furniture also have drawers, with more or less storage space: an example?


The sophisticated Exclusiva unit with leather doors, combined with a top and side panels in matt lacquered finish: truly mesmerising, don’t you agree? You can just see it in your sitting room, as it discreetly guards your personal items and proudly shows off your decorative ornaments.



For a more slimline design that is equally elegant and impressive, we can recommend from the same project the wall-mounted leather base units, supported by exclusive chrome-finish legs.

A feature cabinet

If your objective is to modernise the furniture in your lounge, a solid structure, simple yet striking silhouettes and a glamorous colour are must haves for your perfect console: so voilà Formalia! Handle-free, with a triple drawer and a double shelf, this Rust coloured cabinet soon becomes indispensable to keep your crockery and glassware at hand or to tidy up your magazines, all with the utmost style.

Do you think warm colours go well with your sofa or equipped wall? Then allow yourselves to be won over by the matt lacquered base units and Morocco coloured glass top: simple, but high impact, this console acts as a shelf for the living room lamp and at the same times clears all the clutter, concealing from curious eyes objects you would prefer to keep out of sight, so your guests can focus on the cabinet itself!

Consoles for the lounge and living room