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Curtains, adding a creative touch to your kitchen

Curtains, adding a creative touch to your kitchen

Suggestions for choosing the most suitable models and colours

Whether classic or modern, when furnishing a kitchen you cannot overlook a highly important element: the curtain , a functional element during summer and a decorative one during winter

The kitchen is the most popular area of the home and is an almost sacred environment.
This room provides the setting for the family’s unity, where the various family members get to share precious moments.
Therefore, choosing the kitchen furniture is a fundamental aspect, especially when it comes to the accessories.
The curtain is among these elements, as its function is to regulate the flow of light entering this environment.

The colour and model of the curtain must be in tune with the distinctive style of the room.
A sober and composed classic-style kitchen should be furnished with a curtain that is not too lively and that creates a sense of balance in the space.
For modern kitchens, lively colours such as red and orange will blend in perfectly, likewise fabric decorations ranging from the optical and vintage styles to the trendy style.
If instead you prefer the country style, the choice should fall on more natural fabrics such as linen and cotton, which will blend in harmoniously with the decorations and crocheted details.
Regarding colours, yellow and orange tend to “warm up” an environment, while cooler colours such as green, blue and grey will add an air of freshness to the kitchen.

Special care must also be devoted to the types of accessories designed for hanging the curtain: ring curtains are suitable for the more casual kitchens, refined drapes should be combined with classic kitchens and steel support rods with modern kitchens.

The atmosphere of an environment can change significantly according to the colour acquired by the light when filtered by a window: observing these small tips will help you create a tranquil, reassuring atmosphere for the small microcosm of your kitchen.
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Curtains, adding a creative touch to your kitchen