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Design Made in Italy signed and starred!

Design Made in Italy signed and starred!

Design, haute cuisine and fashion. When these three elements create mesmerising and highly functional projects.

Put the chef in the kitchen...

Italian cuisine is famous all over the world, thanks also to the men who work every day to maintain its value intact, while also innovating and respecting traditions.
Carlo Cracco is among the most influential chefs in Italy, and he decided to contribute his philosophy and experience to the world of kitchen design. The merger of gastronomic excellence and design Made in Italy has given rise to project Mia by Carlo Cracco.


A complete “menu” packed with elements and functions


Mia by Carlo Cracco is a highly attractive kitchen which reflects the superior professionalism of a star chef, placing it at the disposal of anyone who wants maximum quality, day-in day-out. How so? Using evergreen materials, such as steel, and innovative ones like Fenix® and Biomalta. With all the functions and performance levels a chef needs: large chopping boards with a hole for food waste, sliding tops, hi-tech systems such as the innovative hood that extracts and contains, the blast chiller and the food warmer.

The Line System project devised for the Mia by Carlo Cracco kitchen is the ultimate expression of the merger of the world of food and design. A vertical wall-mounted system that makes it possible to use bottle racks, containers, tablet shelves and hooks for shelves conveniently - what a find! The bowls for ingredients have the same slanting as the one Cracco uses when he gets to work in his restaurants. You couldn’t get more professional than that!

When fashion meets design...

Design, like fashion, must be attractive to look at and at the same time practical, perfect to be “worn” every day. That’s why entering a home designed with the Diesel brand means discovering a world in which every single detail enhances the silhouettes and shapes used to create a unique and contemporary look.


Metropolitan mood


The Diesel Open Workshop kitchen and Diesel Social Kitchen offer domestic total looks that furnish the kitchen, bathroom and living room with a consistent, seamless style. These offerings are packed with style, in keeping with the latest metropolitan trends, and they design dynamic spaces which, while retaining the iconic elements of the project, are always novel and in fashion!


Diesel dress code 


The Stock Rack system with steel tubes used for several creative applications, the industrial-feel corner plaques, the profiles of the handles built into the door constitute the dress code for a Diesel home.
The latest news come from the kitchen. A variety of finishes and colours which recall the industrial world and offer textured sensations suggested by their inspiring materials, wood and concrete.



Browse through the most fashionable designer compositions on the pages dedicated to project Mia by Carlo Cracco, Diesel Social Kitchen and Diesel Open Workshop.

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Design Made in Italy signed and starred!