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Diesel Open Workshop: the latest news for a kitchen that’s always “on trend”

Diesel Open Workshop: the latest news for a kitchen that’s always “on trend”

New colours and industrial-style finishes for a timeless kitchen

Diesel Open Workshop adorns the kitchen with unprecedented textured sensations, accommodating nine decorative melamine finishes in its range. Metropolitan-inspired materials and silhouettes with an evergreen charm come together to create novel effects. By combining an industrially-derived design with the bold sophistication of the new colours, the setting reveals the charm of combinations that never go out of fashion.

Must-have essentials

The range of doors in Diesel Open Workshop kitchens is supplemented with metropolitan sensations with nine decorative melamine finishes: Earth Grey, Concrete Jersey, Concrete Harlem, Landscape Oak, Garden Walnut, Pinstripe Oak, Chestnut Pinstripe Oak, Brown Pinstripe Oak and Blond Pinstripe Oak.

Industrial inspirations and textured sensations accommodate the warmth of wood and the modern appeal of concrete, creating a unicum of perceptions that will never cease to amaze.

The new decorative melamines are enhanced by the unprecedented combinations which involve games with materials borrowed from industrial settings, such as aged steel and Smoky glass, in an ambitious project dedicated to those who want to stand out.


Matt brightness for the drawers with Ribbed Glass fronts, teamed here on the right with the other kitchen doors in Garden Walnut decorative melamine and emphasised by the bronze handle profile. For an air of mystery that lets you catch a glimpse without revealing all, emphasise without concealing.

Dress Code: iconic distinctions

Fans of industrial design and informal sociability can let themselves be won over by the bold combinations of Diesel Open Workshop. Harmonious textured sensations are revealed in ever trendy chromatic proposals. We’d like to enchant you with a few ideas, so are you ready to be charmed and disarmed?

A. Pale hues

Our first offering reveals the charm of pale, neutral hues, with an intriguing industrial effect. The top is in Calipso Quarz with a bronze profile, the structure is in Anthracite fabric and the doors in Pinstripe Oak decorative melamine with bronze handle profile; the revealing details of the bronze frame stand out thanks to the Smoky Glass and to the handle with a bronze profile. A delicate composition which conveys elegance and style with a strong personality.

B. Distinctive grain

Distinction such as simplicity, wood grain as a decorative element, along with the ribbed effect of the glass fronts. This Diesel Social Workshop proposal features a Muné Grey laminate worktop, an anthracite fabric structure, Landscape Oak decorative melamine doors with a bronze handle profile, a bronze coloured frame with Ribbed Glass and a bronze handle profile. Here, the bronze coloured Stock Rack system of shelves also features shelves in Landscape Oak decorative melamine, to mirror the doors. A composition with a recurrent and recursive vertical marking, which gives this household setting unrivalled warmth.

C. Prestigious metals

The elegance of metal brings to mind professional kitchens, but in this configuration of the Diesel Open Workshop kitchen, it has a textured application that expresses even more sociability and sophistication. The worktop is in Gravel Corian, while the doors are in Garden walnut decorative melamine and the bronze coloured frame stands out to perfection thanks to the Ribbed Glass and the bronze handle profile. Everything is harmoniously teamed with the translucent Smoky Glass shelves of the bronze Stock Rack system. A luxurious marriage of light and matt materials, which affords prestigious atmospheres.

Now that we’ve whetted your appetite, come and see the new Diesel Open Workshop offerings up close in Scavolini stores!

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Diesel Open Workshop: the latest news for a kitchen that’s always “on trend”