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Doors for a modern bathroom

Doors for a modern bathroom

How to refresh your bathroom furnishings with doors

Do you want to give your bathroom a make-over, opting for a contemporary style? Then focus on your cabinet doors: exploring the latest trends in bathroom cabinet doors, paying particular attention to the recessed grip profile opening and finishes, you’re bound to find the perfect Scavolini modern bathroom for you!

Doors with recessed grip profile opening: what are they and why choose them

The recessed grip profile opening is a stylish solution that eradicates the need for external handles. Doors with this type of opening are in fact distinguished be a recess, or “recessed grip profile", obtained on the upper, rear or side edging of the door, allowing you to open the cabinet with a simple touch.

In terms of design, the absence of external handles lends the bathroom cabinet a minimal, clean-cut and linear look. The modern door with recessed grip profile also means guaranteed easy cleaning (fewer protruding parts means less dirt and dust build-up) and greater safety (fewer sharp edges and protruding handles reduces the risk of knocking or becoming snared by accident).

Modern door finishes: the options

When it comes to finishes, the options are anything but boring: modern bathroom doors range from laminate to lacquered, through to more sophisticated solutions, such as glass or the slat door from the Aquo modern bathroom model.

As for colours, let’s just say that for a modern bathroom, shades of white, grey and black are evergreen, specifically owing to their ability to adapt to any surroundings while concurrently being able to match other, brighter hues, to create a fun and welcoming atmosphere. 

Have you already pinpointed the bathroom cabinet door that rocks your boat? Search for your nearest dealer and browse the new Scavolini bathroom catalogues.

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Doors for a modern bathroom