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FSC® Certification and our commitment to the environment

FSC® Certification and our commitment to the environment

Sustainability and the FSC Chain of Custody Certification: caring about the planet, day-in day-out.

The FSC Chain of Custody (CoC) Certification obtained in 2021 certifies what has always been fundamental to us: to create something valuable that is also good for the planet. This major acknowledgement is our way of demonstrating that for us "quality" is synonymous with “sustainability” and that beauty cannot exist without respect for our surroundings. This unwavering care for our planet this year includes our choice of materials sourced from eco-sustainable forests. Here are all the details!

A Virtuous Path

When we were awarded the FSC Chain of Custody Certification FSC® C168055, we knew that it would be a new step forward in the right direction. It constitutes the continuation of a strongly desired path we undertook some time ago with project Scavolini Green Mind, which has given rise to an array of eco-sustainable improvements to our entire production cycle.


The FSC Chain of Custody Certification constitutes a further indispensable part of our growth process from a Green perspective, which entails the choice of materials sourced from responsibly managed forests.

FSC Certification and Chain of Custody

The FSC Chain of Custody Certification documents the traceability of materials sourced from FSC forests and used in Scavolini production for kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms. The aim is to verify and certify that the products sold with the related label comply with the strict criteria set, in a transparent chain that is good for the planet.


Yet what exactly do we mean by “Chain of Custody”? "Chain of Custody” - or the acronym CoC - refers to the traceability of the entire path behind the creation of the materials certified. Specifically, the FSC Chain of Custody Certification examines our cellulose-based materials.


Obtaining the FSC Chain of Custody Certification implies performing constant checks on the entire production process: from procurement, to processing, sale and distribution. This is the reason why we have progressively adapted all our company work flows, in order to comply with the international requirements set by FSC and guarantee the necessary transparency.


For us, this is a vital step forward, which means the FSC Chain of Custody Certification is a concrete testimony to the Green passion which has fuelled our activities for some time.

The FSC Certification up close

Thanks to the FSC Chain of Custody Certification in 2021, the components of Scavolini furniture reveal an ever greener soul, to leave a smaller and smaller footprint on our planet.


The certification covers all the steps necessary to create our cellulose-based materials: from the purchase of panels to the semi-finished wood-based products used for the production and sale of our furniture. Even the sale of wood-based panels meets the requirement set by FSC, completing the certified chain of production.


All this (and more) is part of our commitment. This is because we are well aware that we have a major responsibility towards the planet and hence its inhabitants!

FSC® Certification and our commitment to the environment