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Furnishing two types of bathroom: the family bathroom and the cloakroom

Furnishing two types of bathroom: the family bathroom and the cloakroom

Do you have two bathrooms at home? Although they may look similar, the family bathroom and the cloakroom play different roles within the home. The former is the main bathroom, often an en-suite off the master bedroom or in any case in close proximity to it. On the other hand, the cloakroom is usually much smaller, located near communal areas, such as the sitting room or the kitchen, and designed mainly for guests. But how do these two different functions impact the bathroom furniture? Let’s find out!

Family bathroom

The bathroom is definitely one of the most important places in the home: this is where we start the day, and where we end it, washing away our worries with an energising shower or a relaxing soak in the tub. It is specifically the family bathroom that usually plays host to modern walk-in showers or sumptuous free-standing bathtubs: truly eye-catching, don’t you agree?

In the family bathroom, every piece of furniture, furnishing and accessory is designed to deliver comfort and privacy, as the interiors are fully focused on well-being: this is where you might find a double washbasin, devised to set aside some well-deserved pamper time, wall-mounted sanitary ware, capable of accentuating the relaxed atmosphere and adding a touch of elegance too.

There is definitely no shortage of space-saving solutions, including shelves, shelving and open-fronted storage spaces, which are ideal for displaying your perfumes and cosmetics to lighten up the walls.


So how do you furnish a cloakroom? The focus here lies in practicality and the smart use of space: for example? As far as the mirror area is concerned, a washbasin cabinet is a common choice, because it allows more freedom of movement while at the same time providing somewhere to store your shampoos, shower gels, razors and toiletries.

Shower or bathtub? The former definitely beats the latter, due both to the limited amount of space available in a cloakroom and the hectic pace of modern life. The mirror can also be smaller than the one in the family bathroom, but no less functional, as it can be crowned by wall lamps, LED bars or spotlights, for clear, shadow-free lighting.


What’s another must-have essential for the cloakroom? The laundry: a cloakroom or utility room is in fact often dedicated to washing activities, so it houses the washing machine, the drier or the washer-drier, which are often hidden away inside base units or tall units belonging to the bathroom composition, thanks to concealed solutions, such as the one offered by our Laundry Space.

Do any other differences in furniture between the family bathroom and the cloakroom come to mind? Talk to our dealers and turn your project into a reality!

Furnishing two types of bathroom: the family bathroom and the cloakroom