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Games of silhouettes and shapes

Games of silhouettes and shapes

The home is a place to experiment, to give your creativity free rein and to play with unprecedented shapes.

The Hundred-year anniversary of the Bauhaus was celebrated in April this year. An intensive schedule of exhibitions and events took place to celebrate the occasion, in Germany and abroad. We want to celebrate this anniversary by focusing on certain distinguishing features of the movement which still apply today: the sophistication and quality of materials, the clean-cut geometric shapes, and the functionality of furniture. The result are unique combinations that create dynamic and integrated settings, distinguished by elemental shapes, alternating blocks and voids, and innovative designs marked by maximum freedom of composition.


Elemental silhouettes, minimal styling

The LiberaMente range includes clear geometric shapes, where colour also plays a part. Mustard Yellow matt lacquer emphasises the special appeal of the slanted door wall units which - when combined with the painted metal open-fronted wall units - enhance the design and contemporary feel of the composition. A choice that is widely valued by the combination with the rigorous linearity of the other Wheat Oak veneered elements.

A question of slanting

Mixed lines (vertical, horizontal or slanted), like the alternating blocks and voids with open-fronted compartments and those closed with doors, impress a distinctive mark onto the space and give the kitchen and living room settings more movement. The Mood model, defined by clear, clean-cut silhouettes, specifically accommodates these principles because it integrates multiple solutions that create metropolitan configurations with a strong personality. The functionality and aesthetics partnership is especially evident in the details: from the "Setup" equipped back panel, to the painted metal wall units combined with the slanted door wall unit, and also the generously-sized tall units housing appliances and crockery.

Mixed curves

A set of curves and straight lines embellishes Flux Swing with charm, featuring the Slide tape-like element which creates continuity between the kitchen wall units and the living room base units. And where the combination of curved and linear base units, different materials and unprecedented pairings satisfy the need for dynamism and functionality even in compositions devised for confined spaces.

Mixed curves

Well-defined corners, light weight and symmetry are the distinguishing features of Carattere which includes elements to make the venue exclusive, including the handle that appears to be an elegant graphic feature along the entire length of the frame, the 45° processing of the major breakfast bench in Nabuk Oak and the steel finish “Allinea” accessories. Surprising details also include the door profile with 45° slanted cut of the new DeLinea kitchen, the Line System in Mia by Carlo Cracco that affords functional and sophisticated customisation possibilities.

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Games of silhouettes and shapes