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Generations compared: Dandy and Dandy Plus

Generations compared: Dandy and Dandy Plus

A story that began in the past is given a new lease on life with present-day technologies. Dandy and Dandy Plus: two models with a pop soul!

The experience of choosing your first kitchen and all its facets: the colours, the materials and the trendy finishes. The thrill of it all, even after years have gone by, remembering that day and those yet to come, when your new kitchen was fitted. The story of Dandy began in the 1980s, with families who had fallen in love with its shapes and unexpected hues, and it continues today, with the technological solutions introduced by its successor, Dandy Plus. Two models that share the same pop soul make Scavolini Italian design history and bring together two generations. Let’s travel back in time!

Then and Now

It all began 30 years ago or so, when Scavolini created Dandy, a lively and young kitchen model to satisfy the enthusiasm of many customers. The model became part of the homes and of the everyday lives of families, where it was destined to stay for a long time. It was Dandy’s details that made it so special: from the fresh and pop colours, the evergreen minimal shapes, the granite tops, as eternal as its shapes… Dandy embraced the very best trends of its time, while keeping a keen eye on the future. Among its admirers, there are still some customers who proudly look after their kitchen and wanted to renovate it to incorporate all the new technologies in their home!

It was this interest in the latest innovations, the passion for long-lasting quality and the minimal shapes that had proven so popular with designers all over the world that encouraged Scavolini to launch Dandy Plus, the original restyling of a model that has contributed towards making the history of our design. Thanks to the partnership with Fabio Novembre, our art can continue to welcome past and present, anticipating the trends of tomorrow.

Dandy: pop design all round

The Dandy model from the Eighties (that’s right, last millennium!) featured plenty of elements that are still recognised today as being trendy and elemental, from every perspective. The minimal silhouettes and the clean-cut doors with their slightly rounded contours, and the coloured plastic handles built into the door. The tone-on-tone open-fronted elements, where you can display your cook books, recipe books, along with ornaments of every kind. The granite worktop, among the various types available, is indispensable to run your kitchen smoothly and efficiently. And then the colours: pop and bold, hinted at in the handle details and then some. Exactly what you need for a kitchen that’s built to stand the test of time for your enjoyment for years to come!

The new generation: Dandy Plus

It’s one thing to renovate a model, and quite another to draw attention once again, years after its success. We took the characteristics of Dandy that make it timeless and, together with the great Italian designer, we mixed them up and restyled them to make them contemporary. The understated soft silhouettes are back, as are the handles with built-in coloured plastic handle (in recycled material!) and the pop colours featured on the controls of the appliances, the taps, the handles and the distinguishing details.

In addition, there’s the brand new bridge element, either high or low, which embraces the composition and outlines its contours. It is in laminate, in White Plus or Grey Plus, and finishes off the side profile of the blocks too. Fitted under the wall unit, the task bar enhances the functionality of the kitchen and takes the model to a new generation where technology and connectivity are indispensable in everyday life. In the kitchen, and beyond. Indeed, Dandy Plus goes beyond the time limits of the original model and even the physical limits, stretching beyond the confines of the kitchen. The new model embraces the principle of the total look home, which is right on-trend these days, thanks to solutions devised for Living room and Bathroom furniture. Outside the kitchen, the pop solutions become playful and are concentrated in the main areas of the room, with gentle details and splashes of bright colour that leave plenty of room for customisation.

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Generations compared: Dandy and Dandy Plus