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Green design is good for the planet

Green design is good for the planet

A story of respect and love to be told: this is Scavolini Eco-design. A virtuous circle that creates “good” furniture for the environment.

The most beautiful love stories start with simple, small, almost imperceptible gestures that slowly begin to make a big difference. They may seem insignificant, a drop in the ocean, but with time even the smallest actions can become good habits to be passed on to future generations. This is how Scavolini Eco-design was born: sustainable furniture that is good for the planet and self-sustaining to reduce its environmental impact. A few more details? Here you are then!

Furniture that cares about nature

Ancient philosophers knew: nothing is created or destroyed, but everything can be transformed. After all, that’s what furnishing a home is all about: starting with an idea, choosing preferred solutions for your space and creating a project with a focus on tomorrow, when the furniture can be transformed into new eco-friendly products.

This is the circular economy, which stems from nature, draws inspiration from it and returns to it when the life cycle of a product comes to an end.

With this in mind, Eco-design was born: a sustainable concept of furniture, governed by global guidelines in which we have believed for years to respect and protect the world we live in.

Keen to be green!

When it comes to reducing environmental impact, half measures are not enough! This is why it is crucial to look at the entire life cycle of products, following the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methodology.


In doing so, we are inspired by prawns, i.e. working backwards! We start with a forecast of the environmental impact of the finished material and figure out how it will be disposed of once its primary function is over, in order to create green furniture that is truly sustainable. This is why our materials follow the “ecological transition” concept: melamine or laminate doors, lacquered doors, various solutions in wood or veneered and even glass ones respond to all-round ethics of responsibility, in which every detail is designed with a green vision.


With this in mind, all phases of the product’s life are assessed, including energy sources. We have been using renewable energy since 2011 to self-sustain our activities. Thanks to the “Sunload” project, green energy is generated from photovoltaic panels which give us up to 80% of energy autonomy. Even our mobility is green because it generates zero emissions.


The icing on the cake is the 2021 CQP Furniture Product Circularity Certification for kitchen, living room, bathroom and walk-in wardrobe compositions awarded by Cosmob, one of the most important wood-furniture laboratories in Italy. A certification that certifies the circularity of our products

A few specific examples

Caring for the environment is a full-time job that involves several aspects. Part of our commitment is dedicated to the doors of the kitchen, bathroom, living room and walk-in wardrobe compositions: the 2021 CQP certification received from Cosmob certifies an average product circularity of 96% for several of our materials. This means that we can choose Scavolini furniture with a very low impact!

The structure of the kitchens and of many other elements are also produced with circularity. Actually, they are made with IDROLEB, an ecological panel that is highly water-repellent with low formaldehyde emissions (a harmful substance used in glues and resins for cabinets) made from 100% post-consumer wood, i.e. from recycled material.

We use recycled and recyclable cardboard for our packaging and protect your compositions with ecological air bags instead of non-recyclable polystyrene. So you can also recycle the paper, cardboard and plastic used to deliver the new kitchen, bathroom or living room of your dreams.

Nothing is left to chance!

Green design is good for the planet