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Hiding place for the washing machine!

Hiding place for the washing machine!

Here are some ideas on how to hide your washing machine

Do you usually wash your whites and colours on specific days of the week or do you only empty the entire laundry basket at the weekend? The washing machine is an essential day-to-day appliance, making it rank at the top of your shopping list when furnishing a new home. However, it is also true that this need is often closely followed by the need to hide the washing machine, to keep your interiors looking tidy and minimalistic. But how can you hide a washing machine? Let’s find out!

How to hide the washing machine in the bathroom

If the laundry area is in your bathroom, how about hiding the washing machine away in a cabinet? Why not! Washing machine cabinets are designed to be conveniently opened and closed as needed, even concealing a washing machine and drier, stacked vertically inside the cabinet.

You could certainly opt for a washing machine base unit, especially if you have a veritable alcove dedicated to the appliance. Did you know that Scavolini’s Laundry Space collection also offers you the chance to order an opening top, making the detergent drawer more accessible? Not to mention all the other accessories available, which are also concealed, like the laundry basket and the pull-out ironing board.

How to hide the washing machine in the kitchen

If you’re not lucky enough to have a large enough bathroom, you could create your laundry area in the kitchen, hiding away the washing machine in the utility cupboard, which is another space-saving strategy. Here, for example, the storage cupboard will facilitate your household tasks: the internal equipment can be entirely customised to offer shelves and compartments to keep everything at hand, from your broom to your fabric softener.

Another solution best to conceal your washing machine in the kitchen is to create two apparently separate areas and hide them away in cabinets with retractable doors, single or double, built to contain the entire kitchen composition and the laundry area. Imagine the external panels are like theatre scenery backdrops which allow you to change the setting to your liking: first your favourite recipe takes to the stage, then it’s your laundry!

We couldn’t finish the list without mentioning an evergreen solution: the curtain to cover the washing machine. Our advice? Pick one in the same colour as your furniture, furnishings or walls to set up a dedicated laundry corner that’s also discrete!

Hiding place for the washing machine!