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High-tech camouflage

High-tech camouflage

High-tech elements and furnishings to organise work and storage spaces that blend in seamlessly with kitchen interiors, to keep everything neat and tidy, and more, without sticking out like sore thumbs!

Integrated into the living room, current kitchen compositions are increasingly being made with innovative, high-tech materials. Their interiors are roomy, well organised and super efficient. From “secret” worktops and furnishings to concealed tables and appliances, let’s look at the professional solutions that give a helping hand in the kitchen with just the right amount of discretion.


The “now you see me now you don’t” hood

It comes out when necessary to extract and illuminate; when no longer in use, it disappears completely into the top: what is it?
It appears to be a riddle but in actual fact it’s a very useful mechanism in the kitchen and it goes by one name: the retractable hood with “Down Draft” function. Electronically operated and an excellent choice for island kitchens, when installing a ceiling hood is not a possibility, nor is a wall-mounted version, so that the wall unit can be fully exploited in compact kitchens. There are also other benefits: LED lighting and 24-hour operation which makes it possible to recirculate the air inside the room, thereby improving the quality of the domestic setting.  

Let’s make a Switch

It is elegant because on the outside it has the styling of a living room unit, adapting to contexts requiring clean-cut and linear design to perfection. The Switch cupboard in actual fact conceals an ultra-functional, fully-equipped soul. The retractable doors, which are handle-free and feature a 45° shaped opening, in fact open up multiple possibilities: they can contain appliances and a pull-out top to be used as an additional work surface, a great solution for small rooms. 

A table where you least expect it

We are accustomed to storing all sorts of things in drawers, often without giving order much consideration, quite the opposite of the Kondo method. To use them in the most effective way possible, one system is to insert a table in them! Indeed, Friendly is a smart space-saving solution, a pull-out table with a double leg that guarantees stability and a capacity of more than 100 kg, with the advantage that it disappears away completely inside a drawer when you have finished using it. 

Assistants of the highest order

For high-level tasks in the kitchen two assistants are required, which come out into the open when necessary, representing innovation and technology. Assistant – the name speaks for itself – is truly the best ally in the kitchen, because it offers a solution comprising a multi-purpose pull-out top fitted with a chopping board for preparation featuring a hole for food waste, with a knife rack that also pulls out so that all the utensils you need are within easy reach. A complete system created to mirror the example of a chef’s kitchen, which quickly stows away inside the door. 

High-tech camouflage