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Home bar corner

Home bar corner

What do you need to set up a bar corner at home? Here are our tips on how best to organise stemmed glasses and bottles!

Now the festivities are almost here, the toasting season has officially begun. So how do you create a home bar corner, to organise your bottles and stemmed glasses? The answer is to use our kitchen furniture and accessories: here are some tips to enjoy a nice drink with your nearest and dearest in the comfort of your own home.

Suspended stemmed glasses

A suspended stemmed glass is synonymous with a cocktail, ready to be filled with your favourite aperitif. To create a modern bar corner, opt for stemmed glass racks which are functional and beautiful in equal measure, devised to satisfy even the most demanding style aficionado. In detail, if you love linear, clean-cut geometries, we suggest you go for modular open-fronted structures: they are excellent allies to aid day-to-day kitchen activities, but also to dedicate the right amount of space to special occasions.

Tidy bottles

An impeccable bar corner also means your alcohol and soft drinks are kept neat and tidy. Are you proud of your bottle collection and want to show it off? Wall-mounted systems are the ideal solution to organise wines and tonic water, with the support of a trusted trolley.

If you prefer a bar cabinet, divided up into compartments, allow us to suggest our Misfits elements and in particular the Misfits Bridge, a designer piece designed to blend in seamlessly with the kitchen, perfect for your moments of sociability.

What other must-haves should your bar corner have? From shakers and measuring cups to prepare your favourite cocktails to indispensable trays to serve them to your guests, remember to organise your home bar corner with all the necessary essentials to enjoy a special experience, worthy of being remembered at the next toast!

Home bar corner