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How to give your interiors a splash of colour

How to give your interiors a splash of colour

Full-colour cabinets, handles and details to furnish your home according to your colour scheme. Personal chromatic choices that convey emotions.

Once upon a time, the eternally unsure would pick the colours of their kitchen walls in an almost random way, so they could subsequently paint over them in a different colour. Then there were those who applied the same principle to the colours of their living room walls, creating chromatic effects of doubtful inspiration. And then there were those who preferred to choose modern, colourful bathrooms according to current fashion trends. These days, these habits are dying out and making room for a new trend: one that focuses on full-colour elements and interior décor accessories, designed to create a unique mood. Here are a few, which will give your domestic space a new definition!

A strong passion for bright colours

If you think about interior décor palettes, about colours for the kitchen and colours for the bathroom - as well as those for the living room - adventurous combinations and passing fads come to mind. And yet, the desire to give your home a splash of colour has never ceased to be appealing and create contrasting feelings. Today, this trend embraces interior décor, touching on details both large and small, yet that remain easy to replace (if necessary). In coloured kitchens and those that are colour-free, furnishing elements such as trolleys, cupboards and mobile drawer units stand out in the room with the Diesel Social Kitchen model, giving the setting a playful and young industrial feel. And if they were to wear over time or no longer be suitable for the kitchen, they will be easy to replace!


In the sitting room, brighter hues become stylish details that gently distinguish the space. The Sax composition with Anthracite fabric coloured structure, iron grey glossy lacquered door and resting elements in Genziana yellow decorative melamine make the entire setting extra light. For a colour that stands out without sticking out.


In the bathroom, the pop hues of Dandy Plus give continuity to the well-being area, resting on the recycled plastic handles and on the washbasin and bidet taps, in a mirror of references which can also be found in the kitchen. There is definitely no shortage of ideas to make every composition cheerful!

Peace and quiet with natural colours

Coming home and feeling that bond with the outside makes us feel part of nature, with its colours and shapes. And facing everyday challenges with the peace of mind of a yoga lesson requires the right colours in the choice of furniture too.


A coloured bathroom cabinet in warm shades of rust and chalk white are the ideal welcome for the relaxation boudoir. The Formalia offering with washbasin unit, structure and Rust Status Wall System anticipates the natural atmospheres of late summer and turns the space into an area for some well-earned peace and quiet.


In the living room, soft velvety textured sensations are created. The rug features short hair and plenty of chromatic variations. Ideal to furnish the sitting room with its delicate texture.

The sophistication of “metal” colour

Those wishing to choose bathroom colours that express luxury and never go out of fashion cannot ignore hues that recall metals: gold, silver, brass, bronze and copper are always trendy!


In the bathroom, the recessed grip profile in brass colour affords a refined allure. The Tratto model with Concrete Jersey decorative melamine door and Limestone Oyster porcelain stoneware top reveals impeccable details in industrial-chic style.


To furnish the sitting room with sophisticated prestigious proposals, the glossy lacquered finish in Titanium Grey emphasises the combination with legs and round handles in polished Gold finish for the free-standing furnishing elements. A well-balanced composition that focuses on the boldest ideas.

The colours for a Diesel Open Workshop model kitchen can be found in the recessed grip profiles, wall systems and furnishing elements. The Smoky Glass doors with Bronze handle profile reveal an aged effect and the poise of the Stock Rack System reinforces this old-world atmosphere. A definition of colour that brings to mind old memories.


What colours make you feel at home? Find out more at Scavolini dealers.

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How to give your interiors a splash of colour